Which Meeting Room Booking Panel?

Which Meeting Room Booking Panel?

Discover the best panels and meeting room booking systems from leading manufacturers

With meeting rooms in demand, and often at a high cost per square ft, making sure your team can find available space, and being able to review utilisation is becoming a standard feature in today’s workplaces.

MVS provide a wide range of market-leading meeting room booking panels and meeting room booking systems, which can be tailored to fit the requirements of the end users.

In this article, we highlight the key features and benefits for a number of meeting room booking panels from the world’s leading audio visual brands. Read on to learn all about the most effective meeting room management tools on the market today, and possibly find the perfect choice for your next office fit-out project.

MVS meeting room booking systems get the job done! From design consultancy to installation and maintenance, MVS can deliver a complete meeting and conference room audio visual solution that will fulfil your organisation’s unique requirements call us on 0203 4111 630 to find the best system for you.

Leading room booking panels and displays that connect people, space and technology

There are many meeting room booking panels on the market today which increase room utilisation and enhance booking efficiency. The good news, if you are involved in workspace design and management, is that we have completed plenty of testing, trialling and integrations of systems into a wide variety of workplaces and conferencing environments, and we are sharing some of our wisdom here in this article.

MVS have successfully designed and installed meeting room booking systems into meeting spaces, large and small, in a very wide range of environments and industries. Solutions our expert AV designers and engineers have installed include;

Evoko Liso

The Evoko Liso is the latest generation meeting room booking panel from Evoko. It’s easy to operate interface allows users to clearly see the current status of a meeting room and to book the space directly at the panel. This can be locked down by a passcode per user, or an existing RFID card.

Key features of Evoko Liso include:

Easy room booking via your email applications

The Liso works with a wide range of mail servers including Office 365, Microsoft Exchange 2010/2013/2016, Google G Suite, IBM/Lotus Domino Smartcloud, IBM/Lotus Domino, or it can be used standalone.

When you book a meeting room resource via Outlook, Office 365 online or Google Calendar, the Evoko Liso automatically picks up this invite and will display the information you wish to share on the touch screen. A red, orange and green illumination on the bezel of the displays clearly tells you the state of the room.

Easy room booking on your mobile with the Get A Room App

Booking a room with your mobile phone is a cinch with the Evoko Liso Get A Room App, which allows the user to check the availability of rooms from their smartphone.

Clearly see the room status of all rooms from central locations with the Evoko Overview Screen

The Evoko Overview Screen allows you to display the status of all your rooms in central locations such as on a large screen in a reception area.

Easily prepare for and manage meetings via Outlook

For simple meeting management, Evoko offers an optional Outlook Plugin that allows you to search for rooms, and to order catering or AV hardware, in advance.

MVS have Evoko Liso units available to demo on site. Contact us on 0203 4111 630 today to arrange a demo, or click to use our contact form.

Discover more about Evoko meeting room systems.

Crestron Room Scheduling

Crestron offers a 7” and a 10” room booking panel, which can directly link into Office 365, Exchange or G Suite servers. The system can be linked in with a Crestron Fusion platform to provide analytical data on how the rooms are being used. As part of a Crestron system, a room could be pre-configured based on a meeting that is due to begin. This may include the lights being turned on in advance, the display screen being ready, and the HVAC set to a comfortable temperature.

Key features of Crestron Room Scheduling include:

A huge range of options both to book rooms, and easily locate them too

Of all the room booking systems, Crestron offers the widest range of options to both book a room and locate availability too. Crestron gives you the flexibility to easily locate spaces, offering a range of options including engravable hallway signs, illuminated wall and ceiling mounted signs, and illuminated display light-bar screens, so you get a clear view of room availability.

Book a room from wherever you are

Integrated Crestron scheduling software connects directly to the most popular calendaring applications from Microsoft and Google, so you can reserve rooms on the spot from your desk, or from wherever you happen to be at the time by using their mobile app.

Many other Crestron products such as Crestron Mercury, can also link to your calendar system and display meeting information on your screens, meeting room television screens or conference room displays.

Discover more about Crestron automation and control technologies. Speak to a member of our team today on 0203 4111 630.

Onelan Reserva

High visibility room booking systems, from a global leader in digital visual communication technologies

Onelan is best known for its digital signage offerings and the Onelan Reserva meeting room booking panel makes full use of the company’s digital signage expertise. Reserva allows you to use your meeting room booking panel both as a display to show the state of the meeting room and also as a tool for displaying corporate messages.

Display meeting room status from central locations

Linked with a Onelan digital signage system, you can display the usage of your meeting rooms on screens in a reception area.

Compact digital meeting room signs, dynamically linked to your calendaring apps

Onelan meeting room digital signage clearly displays the availability status of a room at a glance.

Interactive room signs are dynamically linked to your calendar and timetabling systems. The Onelan Reserva room signs clearly display the current status of a meeting room, plus a summary of current and upcoming bookings. With Onelan, meetings can easily be booked, changed and cancelled from the interactive touchscreen.

Onelan is compatible with the most popular calendaring systems including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and G Suite.

Discover more about Onelan digital signage solutions.

How can an integrated meeting or conference room booking system help you to manage meetings better?

MVS can remove the complexities of managing your meeting rooms by supplying you with the ideal ‘latest generation’ booking system, combined with the optimum hardware, from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our expert audio visual systems designers and engineers can install the best software and hardware to maximise today’s intuitive touch screen displays, meeting room and conference room displays, centralised admin platforms and powerful integrations. A meeting or conference room booking solution from MVS can bring you a simple single view of all of the meeting room bookings across your organisation.

Meeting room and conference room Audio Visual Systems can be key in the success of every forward thinking business or organisation.

Enjoy optimised meetings with a full meeting room solution from MVS

Why stop at just installing a meeting room booking system? To increase the efficiency of your workplace and meeting spaces, savvy businesses engage MVS to design and install fully integrated meeting room solutions that make working environments more efficient, connected and collaborative. We have many years’ experience in designing, building and servicing meeting room solutions. We work with the latest cutting-edge technologies, including the best touch screen displays and built-in cameras, speakers and microphones, to create meeting spaces which enable you to get down to business.

With a complete meeting room or conference room solution from MVS, say goodbye to unsightly wires or time lost to irritating technical issues, like struggling to connect your device to the meeting room display.

Next Steps To A Tailored Meeting Room Booking System

MVS offers a full service when it comes to meeting room booking solutions. From initial consultation, through to installation and ongoing maintenance support, our team of trained personnel are on hand to provide you with a booking management system that perfectly fits your company’s individual requirements.

To speak to a member of our team about room booking systems or other AV solutions for your business, call us on 0203 4111 630 or use our contact form here.

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