Which Crestron Flex series is right for your business?

Which Crestron Flex series is right for your business?

Crestron Flex has now been available for businesses to buy and install since August 2019. Since then, we’ve had a number of our AV clients request more information on the product, especially with regards to which of the Crestron Flex series is best for their business.

Read on to learn about the different AV hardware options, features and prices within the Crestron Flex series, and for our top Crestron recommendations.


What is Crestron Flex?

Crestron Flex is a suite of products designed to work exclusively with Microsoft Teams or Zoom. It gives users a one-touch join experience in meetings rooms, making it easier than ever to join video calls.

Across all room types and sizes, users will be provided with a consistent user interface that minimises the requirement for staff training and allows greater return on investment.

To keep things simple, there are 4 different product lines:

  • Crestron Flex P Series – Phones
  • Crestron Flex M Series – Desk Mount Conference Phone
  • Crestron Flex B Series – Wall Mount Sound Bar
  • Crestron Flex C Series – Custom Integrator Kit

If your platform of choice is Microsoft Teams, the P and M Series can be used as audio-only devices. This feature is not yet available from Zoom. It’s also worth noting that as well as Microsoft Teams, the flex range of products is also compatible with Skype for Business.

There are different Crestron Flex SKU’s with different features available depending on whether you’re a Zoom or Microsoft Teams user, so below we have given more insight into each of these individually.


Crestron Flex M series

What is it?

The Crestron Flex M Series is a table-mounted conference phone offering a 7” touch screen with an integrated speakerphone.

Who is it suitable for?

The M Series’ audio pickup allows it to be used in small or medium-sized meeting rooms with 4- 8 people, with the option to connect add-on microphone pods for increased coverage.

Teams M Series Packages

  • UC-M100-T – an audio only Teams endpoint.
  • UC-M130-T – the entry level video kit, supporting single screen.
  • UC-M140-T – the premium dual screen kit, which also ships with the Huddly IQ camera.

Zoom Room M Series Packages

  • UC-M130-Z – supports a single display Zoom Room kit.
  • UC-M150-Z – supports dual screen and ships with the Huddly IQ camera.

Additional M Series information

The M series packages that support video conferencing include HDMI ingest, allowing the user benefit from instant content sharing from a laptop or tablet. Alternatively, there is also the option to connect to a wireless presentation system such as Barco Clickshare or Mersive.


Crestron Flex B Series

What is it?

Moving over to the Crestron Flex B Series, you can expect a wall-mount sound bar with an integrated camera, speaker and microphone, and a 10” desk mount touch panel as your user interface.

Who is it suitable for?

The B series audio pickup is geared up for rooms of up to 10-12 people.

Teams B Series Packages

  • UC-B130-T – the entry level video kit supporting single screen, with a basic Logitech webcam mounted onto the sound bar.
  • UC-B140-T – remains single screen, but ships with the Huddly IQ camera integrated into the sound bar.
  • UC-B160-T – the premium dual screen kit with the Huddly IQ camera built in.

Zoom Room B Series Packages

  • UC-B140-Z – the single screen kit that ships with the Huddly IQ camera.
  • UC-B160-Z – upgrades you to dual screen.

Additional B Series information

All the B Series kit have HDMI ingest, so again, content sharing is supported. There is also the option to upgrade to a wireless presentation package.


Crestron Flex C Series

Who is it suitable for?

The Crestron Flex C Series installations are much more custom. You have the ability to build a system around any room size, to the requirements that suit you.

What’s included?

The UC-C160-T/Z integrator kit utilises a 10” touchscreen, table mount control interface and a powerful UC engine. Whether you’re using Microsoft Teams or Zoom, you benefit from dual screen capabilities.

When it comes to the audio system and camera, MVS will design you a solution to meet your exact needs. This allows us to build a system that works with any third-party USB cameras such as Logitech Rally or Polycom Eagle Eye USB, and / or a ceiling mount microphone such as the Shure MXA910.

C Series for Zoom Rooms highlight

One of the stand-out features of the C160 Zoom package is that it has the capability to connect an unlimited number of webcams to the system. This makes it a great solution in larger spaces where multiple cameras need to be used to pick up presenter(s) and the audience.

C Series for Microsoft Teams highlight

If you already have a Crestron system and you want to make the room Microsoft Teams compatible, then the UC-BRKT-100-ASSY allows you to connect an existing Crestron touch panel along with USB devices such as a webcam and audio system. This kit can be used in all room sizes, and supports dual screen.


How much does the Crestron Flex cost?

Crestron Flex prices for Microsoft Teams and Zoom start as follows:

  • M Series – £2491.00
  • B Series – £2491.00
  • C Series – £3198.00
  • Upgrade Kits – £2579.00

As well as your hardware, Crestron Flex systems come with a 1 year licence for Crestron XiO Cloud, a platform that saves time on the provisioning of devices and provides an enterprise-level central management platform for all your Crestron devices.


Our recommendations

Our team have had plenty of experience installing the full Crestron Flex range for a variety of room sizes and industry sectors, but our firm favourite has to be the Crestron Flex B Series sound bar kit. It keeps clutter to a minimum on the meeting room table, and the audio quality via the sound bar is excellent.

Pricing-wise, it is the same as an M series kit designed for smaller rooms, making it great value for money as you can use B Series kits in everything from smaller huddle spaces through to large meeting rooms without incurring extra costs.

The only consideration with this option is that the width of the sound bar means it needs to be installed under a screen at least 50” for it to look right cosmetically.

For those looking for a more custom, large-scale solution, the C Series kits have also been incredibly popular. We’ve enjoyed installing this solution for customers wanting to integrate Teams and Zoom into larger board rooms, town halls, all hands space, as well as large training rooms.


Choosing Crestron Flex for your business

Our expert team would be happy to discuss your business’ unique requirements with you, so if you’d like to discover which Crestron Flex series might be best for you, call us today on 020 3820 2433.

To learn more about Crestron Flex, to arrange a free demo, or to download our Crestron Flex brochure, click here.


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