What is a Zoom Room and Other FAQs

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What is a Zoom Room?

A Zoom Room is a meeting room video conferencing system that sits on the Zoom Cloud EcoSystem. It enables you to walk into a meeting room and join a Zoom call by either clicking on the ‘touch to join’ button, or by entering the unique Zoom meeting code.

A Zoom Room provides all the great features of Zoom Video Conferencing such as enterprise grade HD video & audio, one-click wireless content sharing, calendar integration with Office 365 & G Suite, and Zoom Phone. Additionally, rooms with interactive displays allow users to collaborate using whiteboarding sessions on live calls.

Zoom Rooms are optimised for every room size. This allows you to scale your video conferencing enabled rooms to your entire estate, at a much lower cost than traditional video conferencing systems. The easy to use enterprise-grade remote management tool then allows you to manage all your Zoom Rooms from one place – The Cloud.

With room booking and digital signage built in, Zoom Rooms are a great way for you to build your company’s AV systems around one central ecosystem.

How much does a Zoom Room cost?

In order to have a working Zoom Room there are two costs to consider:

  1. Hardware costs
  2. Monthly licencing costs

Hardware costs – The size of the room you wish to convert to a Zoom Room will determine the budget you should set aside for Zoom Room hardware. But as a rule of thumb, the below are entry level prices if you already have a working TV screen installed in your meeting room:

  • Huddle room – 2-4 people – £2250 + VAT
  • Small meeting room – 4-8 people – £2750 + VAT
  • Large Meeting Room – 8–12 People – £4000 + VAT

You may also be looking to have your Zoom Room professionally installed and maintained by an accredited Zoom Installer such as MVS Audio Visual. Prices for installations start at just £450 + VAT.

Monthly licencing costs – There is an annual licence per room that costs either £399 per year, or £39 per month. One Zoom licence gives you access to unlimited meeting room booking panels.

Zoom hardware for conferencing

What is the difference between Zoom and Zoom Rooms

A Zoom user licence enables a user to host meetings from their laptop, tablet or phone. It’s a licence you apply to an individual person.

A Zoom Room is a physical space, typically a meeting room, but could be a private office, town hall, or auditorium. It enables you to join either a pre-arranged Zoom meeting, call another Zoom user, call another Zoom Room, or call a traditional video conferencing codec such as a Polycom or Cisco system.

How else can a Zoom Room be used?

Whilst a Zoom Room would primary be seen as a video conferencing space, it actually enables you to use the meeting room in many other ways, away from a Zoom call.

A fully active Zoom Room also enables you to:

  • Wirelessly present to the screen.
  • Call out via your existing VoIP phone system, or via Zoom Phone to traditional PSTN lines
  • Call traditional video conferencing systems such as Polycom or Cisco
  • Join video calls hosted on other video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, Cisco Webex, StarLeaf and many more.

Can you use Zoom Rooms with a free account?

You cannot use Zoom Rooms with a basic user account. You require at least 1 x Active Pro Licence user on your account.

How many TV screens does a Zoom Room support?

You can set up a Zoom Room with either 1, 2 or 3 TV screens.

If you use a dual screen setup, then on a live call you will have the call participants on one screen, and content on the other.

If you use a triple screen setup, you get the current speaker on the third screen.

In larger spaces such as boardrooms, training rooms, or town hall spaces, it is possible to replicate the image on any of these screens to further repeater screens, or confidence monitors.

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Does Zoom support touch screens?

Running Zoom on a touchscreen is a great way to collaborate as a team, and brings Zoom’s whiteboard functionality to life. There are out of the box touchscreen solutions that plug and play, or it is possible to convert any existing interactive screen into a Zoom Room.

Does Zoom sell Zoom Rooms?

Zoom are software providers, and do not manufacture hardware. Zoom Room hardware is provided by manufacturers such as Logitech, Crestron, Dten, Polycom and more and can be purchased via authorised AV resesllers such as MVS Audio Visual. Many of these brands have their hardware solutions officially certified by Zoom.

Who can install a Zoom Room?

Zoom have a preferred list of authorized integration partners, who have undertaken a certain level of training and demonstrate the required level of expertise .

There are then a small group of authorised integration partners, who have undertaken an enhanced level of training, which has then tiered as a Silver or Gold certified installer by Zoom.

MVS Audio Visual is a gold level Zoom integrator, and was the 1st company to be awarded this status globally.

Zoom conferencing gold integrators

How are Zoom Rooms supported?

All active Zoom Rooms are managed via the Zoom Admin Console. From here you can see the status of each room, push out software/firmware, and reboot systems. You can also obtain reports on room usage.

Why do I need a Zoom Room?

Whilst using Zoom from a personal device such as a laptop, tablet or iPad is great for working from your desk or from home, if you have more than one participant in the same room, this is where a Zoom Room makes sense.

Firstly, you don’t need a headset (headphone/microphone) to join a call, so it’s a much more relaxed and natural way to have a conversation.

Secondly, you’re not reliant on an individuals device to host an important meeting. Instead, with a Zoom Room, you have a dedicated appliance designed to manage a professional quality video call.

Finally, a meeting room can be designed with the best lighting conditions and acoustic treatments to ensure your video calls are not only easy to set up and use, but look and sound great too.

Zoom Rooms systems also make content sharing from multiple devices far more simple to manage

A lot of company executives regularly working from home, choose to have a Zoom Room installed in their home office, to enable a better quality meeting experience.

Can I set up a Zoom Room using existing hardware?

You can use existing hardware to build a Zoom Room. However, you’ll need to review your PC/Mac specs to ensure they meet Zoom’s minimum recommended requirements.

There is a list of recommended/approved hardware which Zoom themselves have tested extensively.

You need the following components to make a working Zoom Room:

  • TV screen
  • PC or Mac
  • USB webcam
  • USB speaker
  • USB microphone
  • Tablet such as an iPad

Many of our customers have existing screens that are used as part of their new Zoom Room. Most require advice on a suitable camera and audio system depending on the room types.

Can a Zoom Room make calls with other video conferencing systems?

Yes, Zoom can call a traditional H323/SIP conferencing system. With the phone feature activated it is also able to dial out to any PTSN lines either via your PBX, or Zoom Phone.

What is a Zoom Room connector?

A H.323/Sip Room Connector allows you to invite users to join your Zoom meeting via a traditional VC codec such as Polycom or Cisco, or via the existing desktop video conferencing application provided by their organization.

You would typically decide to purchase these if:

  1. Your organisation has a lot of traditional VC Codecs
  2. People you or your team regularly engage with over video will need to join using traditional VC Codecs

It is sometimes hard to calculate how many of these licenses you will require, so as part of an AV consultation we can review Zoom licence requirements and options for you.

Is the Zoom Room meeting booking application really free?

Yes, meeting room booking is free across your estate when you have just one active Zoom Room Licence.

All you need is a device to act as the room booking panel such as an iPad in a wall dock, or a Crestron TSS Booking Panel. All of these devices can be powered over POE (Power Over Ethernet).

Zoom Room booking is compatible with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and G Suite.

A scheduling display will show you all upcoming meetings that day. You can also reserve the rooms and cancel reservations.

You can customize the background image of the scheduling display to meet your brand guidelines.

If your chosen panel supports LED status lights then this feature can also be used.

Which Meeting Room Booking Panel?

What types of digital signage do Zoom Rooms support?

Zoom Digital Signage is a basic digital signage platform that allows you to share images, video and URLs to either meeting rooms where calls are not currently taking place, or to dedicated signage screens.

When you get to a dedicated signage screen you still have the ability to share content to those screens, giving them dual capabilities.

You can also push live Zoom Webinar and Meetings out to signage screens.

Can I install my own Zoom Rooms?

If you have the in-house skill sets to complete your own installations then this is an option, but we would always recommend you carry out an assessment early on in the planning stages to ensure your teams are deemed competent to do so. You’ll also need to consider all the health and safety risks of your team carrying out works of this nature.

Using an experienced audio visual systems integrator brings many benefits such as specialist training, specific Zoom certification, and high standard finishes in short timescales.

What is a Zoom Appliance?

Zoom Room Appliances are a group of products that were released at the end of 2019. Simply order the appliance, and in one box is everything you need to give you a working Zoom Room.

Variations include all in one sound bars with wired touch panels, and all in one interactive displays.

What are the minimum requirements for a Zoom Room?

As of April 2nd 2020, these are the current Zoom Room minimum requirements:

What size rooms are suitable to be Zoom Rooms?

The beauty of Zoom Rooms is that they’re scalable to as many rooms as you need, and of any size. From an exec office, to ultra-small huddle rooms, right the way through to large town hall spaces, and auditoriums, the flexibility of the architecture of the Zoom system means you can use one platform across your whole estate.

Zoom hardware for townhall

Are Zoom Rooms affordable?

Zoom Rooms are far more cost-effective than traditional video conferencing systems that require expensive hardware in the room, and often layers of central technology to connect room systems together. The traditional systems were also very limited in how many users could join a call.

So not only are Zoom Rooms more cost effective, you also get a lot more functionality for your spend.

By saving money on the in-room hardware, you can invest in having more video enabled rooms. Given Zoom Rooms’ scalability, there’s no reason you can’t equip all your meeting rooms and breakout spaces with video conferencing capabilities.

Are Zoom Rooms available in all countries / territories?

Zoom Video Conferencing is available around the world, and the same goes for Zoom Rooms. All hardware systems can be purchased locally, and depending on your chosen AV partner some can offer installation services globally.

MVS Audio Visual have deployed Zoom Rooms across the UK, Europe and EMEA.

How do Zoom Rooms work?

The great news is that they are really simple. If a room is invited to a meeting, you simply walk in, and press the join button on the desk mounted tablet. You are then on the call.

If you have a meeting but you didn’t book a room, then simply enter the unique Zoom meeting ID under the join icon, and you are away.

If you are having a meeting but do not need video conferencing you still have the option to use the room for wireless content sharing or to make a phone call.

How do you make a Zoom Room?

To build a working Zoom Room you need:

  • TV screen
  • Dedicated PC or Mac with Zoom Rooms installed
  • USB webcam
  • Audio system such as:
    • Soundbar with built in microphone
    • Ceiling speakers and ceiling microphones
    • Desk mounted microphones
  • Tablet such as an iPad running Zoom
  • An active Zoom account with at least 1 x Pro licence, and 1 x Zoom Room licence.

Can I have a Zoom Room set up in my home office?

Yes, we install a lot of Zoom Room systems in home offices of company executives who regularly work from home. MVS have a range of easily to deploy video conferencing set up’s that can either be assembled on a freestanding trolley, or if you prefer these can also be wall mounted.

The same benefits apply to have a Zoom Room installed in your home office:

  • Dedicated appliance ready to make calls.
  • 1 click join to meetings
  • Large screen making it easier to view people on the call & content
  • Wireless content sharing
  • No need to be wearing headphones on a call.

Can I set up a Zoom Room on a video call?

Yes, a Zoom Room can be set up on any type of screen, that has HDMI input including a video wall. We suggest the screen has an aspect ratio of 16:9, so we would recommend video walls that are built in a 2×2, 3×3 or 4×4 configuration, or those that have image processing built in.

The picture below is a Zoom Room set up on a 2×2 Video Wall at a customers site in Central London, using a Logitech Tap as the Zoom Room appliance, and a selection of microphones, ideal for a large town hall space.

How do I buy Zoom Rooms?

Contact MVS Audio Visual and we can provide you with a quote for the Zoom hardware, installation and Zoom licensing. With our extensive team of fully certified AV integrators, we can have your systems installed in a matter of days.

Call our team today on 0203 4111 630 to get started with Zoom Rooms.

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