Video Conferencing Systems in the Premier League

The Manchester Utd Miracle Room

You may have seen an article on a well-known news website about how Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, has a dedicated room containing hi-tech communications equipment and video conferencing systems.

It is in this ‘miracle room’ at their training complex that he communicates with various members of his team that are based around the world so they can plot transfers including the signings of Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and make key decisions without all being in the same place.

Cisco video conferencing systems

It is rumoured that the installed equipment is Cisco. This state of the art technology, including a bank of large screens, allows Mourinho to contact other managers, players and agents from other clubs across the globe at the touch of a button.

MVS install and maintain a range of Cisco video conferencing solutions to clients across the UK. Whilst they are used by Premier League managers, having a video conferencing system installed could be perfectly suited to your business.

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MX 700 boardroom AV system from MVS Audio Visual Solutions

How can Video Conferencing help you?

The ease of communication brought about by video conferencing software is important for all sorts of business deals. Although you are not there in person, seeing someone in the flesh rather than just hearing a voice on the phone can be crucial when it comes to decision time. Appearance and non-verbal communication can often reveal more than words.

With communication tools such as video conferencing being easily accessible for most people, business processes are becoming more simple and remote working is increasingly accepted as the norm.

Save money and the planet!

Being able to arrange video conferencing meetings with people who are based in a range of locations will mean that there is less travelling to clients and suppliers. Less travelling means less money on fuel, train tickets or flights and therefore will reduce your carbon footprint!

On top of all that, video collaboration technology will reduce the time for decisions to be made as things can be actioned during the call or as soon as it’s finished.

Installation of video conferencing systems

Would your meeting room benefit from a video conferencing system like the Manchester United ‘miracle room’?

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