Save money. Increase productivity and enhance relationships. The advantages of video conferencing for businesses

The ever increasing demands placed on businesses to enhance their output without increasing their workforce and travel costs is driving more and more businesses to invest in video conferencing.

We now see a demand for video conferencing from both small and large organisations and we have the expertise to design and install the most appropriate solution for your business.


What kind of businesses benefit from a video conferencing system?

Video conferencing is used in every industry in one way or another. If your company relies on regular communication between two or more staff, clients, customers or suppliers you will likely have a conference phone system in place; however having a video conference solution will provide a much improved experience.  You will have a more personal interaction with your client, customer or colleague, which will lead to improved situation management, better decision making and improved working relationships.

Video conferencing gives organisations increased flexibility because project stakeholders don’t all need to be in the same physical location meaning meeting attendees can save time and money. In addition to reducing inconvenience, the flow and management of meetings can be improved because individuals can share content far easier using video conferencing when compared to more traditional methods. In summary, video conferencing is for all businesses whatever industry, location or size. If you want to improve communications inside and outside your business.    


What should I look out for when purchasing a new system?

Committing to a video conference system will allow you to break down the barriers that occur when using phone systems. Before purchasing a system it is important to ensure  it has all the capabilities your business requires. Keep in mind the amount of participants on the call, what rooms it will be installed in, such as a meeting room or a presentation space? Whether you will require further add-ons such as microphones or a more advanced webcam? In addition, if a lot of people will be using it and you have multiple rooms where it’s required, you will want a system that can be implemented easily throughout.

Video conferencing for businesses can now be deployed to personal devices, so you need to ask the question whether this is important for your business. Examples of this would be home workers or any remote workers.


What systems would MVS recommend?

There are systems that we use regularly and would therefore recommend to our clients, all have slightly different features and benefits.

Video conferencing providers we recommended include:

StarLeafStarLeaf combines a video conferencing service with a comprehensive range of hardware and software managed from the cloud. Starleaf provide a one stop shop for hardware & software, which provides a very simple to use and cost video conferencing effective solution.

The system works with all existing Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Microsoft Lync, and all H.323 and SIP devices, this makes it very flexible for your workplace. The solution also has a software solution included which can be deployed to all staff.

Polycom RealPresence – The flexible design of RealPresence Room Solutions deliver an exceptionally lifelike virtual meeting experience every time…for remote and on-site participants. Polycom are a leader in video conferencing hardware and have advanced camera solutions enabling tracking of users.

Lifesize – This system recreates the meeting room experience, so you can meet face-to-face with your globally dispersed teams without the expense and hassle of travel. Your meetings will look and sound as if all the participants are actually together in the same room.

Lifesize has a strong cloud infrastructure across the glove and we have seen deployments well received in countries with poor internet speeds.


How much does video conferencing for businesses cost?

System prices vary dependent on the features that you require, we have systems that we can offer at £9.50 per month per user, through to systems with one off capital expenditure.  



What shall I do next?

If a video conferencing system seems like the right option for your business, we would be happy to discuss your options further. We offer free demo’s so you can see exactly what you will be getting and how the software works.

To speak to a member of our team about video conferencing for businesses, call us on 01202 861 696 or use our contact form here.

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