Twitter and the Social Media Monster

Who is the social media monster at MVS?


Welcome to the new social media platforms for MVS Audio Visual.

We will be regularly updating our twitter feed with useful information about the industry, examples of our work, on-site activities and the odd funny joke to keep the mood light.  With our ‘social media monster’ at the helm we aim to reach a wider audience and spread the word of audio visual to those ‘tweeps’ that may not appreciate what it is we do.  We will launch special offers and even competitions across all social platforms.

Alongside our Twitter feed we will be using Facebook and LinkedIn to keep people informed of what MVS do on a daily basis; we will be taking snippets from the office and on-site.  We have a Instagram page for those special ‘arty’photos to ‘glam up’ what we do for the photographer in all of us.

Check us out and start following:





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