The latest Zoom Rooms hardware and features that can enhance business communications and meeting spaces

The latest Zoom Rooms hardware and features that can enhance business communications and meeting spaces

At launch in 2011, Zoom’s primary focus was personal video conferencing. In more recent releases, Zoom has expanded its portfolio of features to provide a suite of solutions that provide a consistent communication experience for the full range of users from desktop and mobile, to conference rooms.

Today, Zoom’s portfolio of solutions includes:

  • Zoom Meetings – Zoom’s flagship cloud collaboration service. The Zoom Meetings service provides video for up to 500 users, audio, collaboration tools, content sharing and persistent chat. Other powerful features include virtual backgrounds and automated transcriptions.
  • Zoom H.323 / SIP Connector – enables legacy systems to connect to Zoom Meetings.
  • Zoom Video Webinar – a cloud-based service which enables up to 500 interactive video participants and 10,000 viewers.
  • Zoom Rooms – a software-based conference room system which is designed to be installed on a wide range of off-the-shelf hardware.

Understanding Zoom Rooms setups

Zoom Rooms is a software application that turns a standard PC (Windows or Mac) into a dedicated meeting room collaboration system.

Key features of Zoom Rooms include HD Video and audio, unlimited camera inputs, a consistent interface across rooms, simple content sharing, Google or Exchange calendar integration, one-touch meeting starting and joining, centralised systems management and support for up to three displays.

A complete Zoom Rooms system requires the following:

  • Suitable host computer – MVS supply a customised Intel NUC that we specify to be optimal for Zoom control
  • USB cameras, mics and speakers – We supply the ideal PTZ Logitech webcams, Shure networked microphones, Crestron control panels and built-in or mounted speakers to match your needs and space
  • A Zoom Rooms license
  • The Zoom Rooms software – If you’re a current Zoom user that hasn’t tried Zoom Rooms yet, please contact us today to discover how MVS can integrate your existing Zoom package into your meeting rooms.

Click here to learn more about Zoom hardware solutions by MVS. We supply the most effective Screens, Speakers, Microphones, Tablets, Nucs/Macs and HDMI Cabling to create the ideal Zoom Room installation to meet the unique business needs of your business.

The latest Zoom Rooms features

In the latest releases, Zoom has added a host of power-features to Zoom Rooms which can enhance business communications and meeting spaces:

Touch controls and digital Whiteboarding

Zoom Rooms touch controls save time and keep things simple. Powerful touch features include:

  • The one-touch join function to make it quick and easy to join meetings.
  • It’s easy to start a new ad-hoc meeting with a single button press.
  • Once in a meeting, you can access all of the important controls via the intuitive touch interface.
  • The Zoom Rooms touch interface also supports e-Whiteboarding.
  • Users can annotate shared content.

Zoom Rooms Whiteboarding and annotation features can replace costly dedicated ideation and digital Whiteboarding solutions

Room scheduling capabilities

Zoom’s Room Scheduling Display is a new feature that will be of interest to corporate users. The Scheduling Display feature is included in the Zoom Rooms iPad app. The app interface provides a clean, clear and professional display of whether a room is available or not and the room booking schedule for the day. The key feature of the interface is that it allows users to reserve the room quickly and easily with a single touch.

For a more full-featured enterprise grade room booking system, MVS can integrate Zoom with the market leading Evoko booking management system. Click to contact us to learn more about how we can provide the most effective booking room system for your facilities management needs.

Digital signage functionality

Zoom’s digital signage is another feature of interest to our enterprise clients because it offers an affordable and easy-to-use alternative to a dedicated digital signage solution.

Zoom Digital Signage is ideal for presenting basic slideware and messaging in meeting rooms. The key benefit is that there are no ongoing usage costs. If you only require basic digital signage to display slides and messages, Zoom offers a straightforward solution to enhance your meeting spaces with content displays.

MVS are one of the UK’s leading providers of digital signage. Our audio visual experts can advise on the most effective signage to meet your business needs. Click to contact MVS experts today, for tailored advice.

Zoom Rooms Case Study

A primary advantage of Zoom over other conferencing systems is scalability. Unlike competing solutions, with Zoom you are not restricted by expensive codecs. Zoom allows an unlimited number of cameras to be connected to the system, up to three connected displays and provides a consistent user interface in every room via the tablet.

MVS helped Berkely Partnership LLP to take full advantage of Zoom’s scalability. We replaced the client’s existing single conference room, installing Zoom Rooms in 10 meeting spaces in total.

Berkeley Partnership are now empowered with full-featured Zoom video conferencing for internal meetings and client presentations. Previously, their video conferencing system was installed in one room only. Now, with a Zoom installation by MVS, they benefit from having video conferencing available in each of their meeting spaces, with telephony built-in.

Are you a Zoom user but haven’t tried Zoom Rooms yet?

With simple, tailored and easily installed Zoom hardware and Zoom Rooms installations from MVS, it won’t take you long to get started!

Talk to us today about how we can integrate your existing Zoom package into your meeting rooms.

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