The most successful commercial video wall solutions

An expertly configured video wall display has become the benchmark for communication in a wide range of public and private spaces. Dazzling screens grab attention and improve relationships with the users of the space through increasingly creative solutions.

We have found that Samsung, NEC and LG provide the most versatile and effective video walls when considering the following factors.

Optimal video wall installation and finish

A bespoke video wall setup can create displays of up to 10 by 10 screens working seamlessly together.  Engage your audience with a large breath-taking display in arenas, cinemas, airports or other sizeable spaces. Alternatively, a 2 by 2 screen display may be the appropriate solution for a more intimate office reception.

With Samsung, NEC and LG video walls, the traditional wall bracket is only one option. NEC video displays, Samsung LED video wall and LG screens can also be installed on tracks or hung from the ceiling to increase appeal. Configured in either a portrait or landscape orientation, you can achieve the customised bespoke finish you’re looking for.

Advances in technology mean the Samsung LED video wall, LG video wall and NEC screens are now virtually seamless, as the bezels have become thinner. This increases the visual impact and unity of the display.

Cost-effective, low-energy video walls

Eco issues are important in today’s business climate. Intuitive optimal brightness levels based on a sensor mean the energy usage can be controlled on both NEC displays, LG video walls and Samsung displays. This results in a longer, more energy-saving life cycle.

Video wall displays achieve specific business goals

Case studies with Samsung LED video walls, NEC video walls and LG screen displays reveal inventive solutions that have helped businesses enrich their customer experience in a range of areas:

Retail, Food & Beverage

  • Raise customer engagement
  • Create sales uplift of specific products, lines or brands

Hotels, restaurants & leisure venues

  • Enhance the visitor experience
  • Promote upcoming events
  • Increase interest in facilities, products and services

Schools, colleges & universities

  • Reflect progress and success
  • Highlight priorities and values
  • Encourage engagement and achievement

Airports, stations & transport hubs

  • Lower operation costs
  • Improve responsiveness
  • Enhance the visitor experience

Choosing the most appropriate video wall solution

We work closely with our clients to help them select the best video wall displays for their situation. Our experts can advise, create, install, set up, calibrate and maintain bespoke LG video wall, Samsung displays and NEC screen packages for a range of budgets.

If you would like to take advantage of our expertise in a free consultation, please contact us on 0203 4111630 to discuss the best video wall for your situation.

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