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Video wall solutions​
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Video walls for offices and boardrooms

Advances in LED video wall technology and a reduction in costs has resulted in a surge of interest in video walls. Leading companies across The UK recognise the benefits that video walls bring to an impressive, efficient and productive office environment.

MVS can help you with the process of identifying which video wall solution fits your need and guide you from initial enquiry through to installation. Let’s talk!

What leading businesses are using video walls for

LED video walls are increasingly popular in corporate office environments due to their versatility, visual impact, and the ability to enhance communication and collaboration. Here are some key uses in corporate settings:

  • Digital Signage and Branding
  • Meeting and Conference Rooms
  • Collaborative Spaces
  • Employee Communication
  • Training and Development
  • Visitor Engagement

Experience the Power of LED Video Walls

Are you ready to witness the amazing power of LED video walls?
We invite you to book a visit to our showroom in Bracknell, where you can see these cutting-edge displays in action.

Why use video walls instead of a big TV?

  • They can be custom-built to virtually any size and creative design for maximum impact
  • They offer high resolution and clarity, even at larger sizes, which ensures even the most detailed content is clear
  • No bezels between panels eliminates the visual distraction you get with traditional TVs arranged in a grid
  • LED walls can be divided into multiple zones to simultaneously show different types of content
  • High brightness levels suit well-lit corporate environments
  • They are built for continuous operation, whilst being energy efficient delivering better TCO

Why LED?

  • Higher brightness levels ensure content remains visible and vibrant even in brightly lit corporate spaces
  • Higher contrast ratios, deliver deep blacks and bright whites, and superior viewing angles to LCD
  • No bezels provides better superior view than LCD with bezels
  • LED lasts longer (100,000 hours) than LCD and projector technologies
  • Cheaper to run due to lower power consumption

How big are video walls?

    The beauty of video walls is that by nature of their modularity they can be custom-built to virtually any size and creative design.

    In the corporate office environment, the limitation is space and access, and this diagram shows some common LCD configurations and equivalent LED sizes, ranging from 110” to 220” . All-in-One LED video walls provide a pre-configured alternative to a custom design and typically sit within this range of sizes.

    MVS can advise on the right size video wall to meet your needs.

Considerations when buying a video wall

  • Pixel pitch – The smaller the pixel pitch, the better the picture close up, but the bigger the budget. Assessing the right pixel pitch for your use is vital.
  • Pixel technology – Micro LED is the latest technology, but is the accompanying price worth it for your needs?
  • Budget – the cost of LED walls is coming down, but not everyone has an unlimited budget, so what is the best solution for your budget?
  • Brand preference – does it matter if it’s not a recognised global brand like Sony. Samsung or LG?
  • Content – the type of content you plan to display affects other technology in your video wall system such as your video wall processor / controller

Our process for companies buying video walls

We know buying a video wall is a big investment and we have a tried and tested process to ensure you get the best solution for your needs:

  • Live demonstration – join us at a demo centre to experience all the technology options firsthand and understand which options best suit you needs.
  • Spec and quote – based on your visit and our discussions we’ll provide quotes and specs to suit your budget
  • Accredited install – after a site survey we provide manufacturer accredited installers to ensure a quality installation
  • Aftercare – we have access to industry-leading support here in The UK

Your questions answered

Explore the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to find quick answers to common queries and gain a better understanding of our products/services.

As well as the LED of LCD display you will need a video wall processor, video sources (e.g. computers, media players, cameras), a CMS (Content Management System) and a Control Interface. And of course power, cabling and network connectivity. All-in-one video LED video walls are an alternative to a custom solution.

The size and aspect ratio depend on the available space, viewing distance, and content requirements. Consider factors like the office layout and where employees will typically be viewing the display.

The brightness of the video wall should be sufficient to ensure clear visibility under the office's ambient lighting conditions. Aim for a brightness level that balances visual impact with energy efficiency.

Yes, many video walls support customizable content configurations. You can create multiple zones to display different types of content simultaneously, enhancing the versatility of the display.
What is the Lifespan of the Display Panels, and What Maintenance is Required?
The lifespan of display panels varies, but quality LED panels typically have a long lifespan. Regular cleaning and occasional calibration may be needed to maintain optimal performance.

Yes, video walls are often designed with scalability in mind. Additional panels can be added to expand the display size, making it adaptable to changing office requirements.
What Content Management System (CMS) Options are Compatible?
Video walls are compatible with various CMS options. Ensure that the chosen system integrates seamlessly with your preferred content management software for easy content scheduling and updates.

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