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Video conference room solutions​
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In 2021 MVS was proud to be awarded Zoom Global Integrator of the year. But our integration expertise covers all the main VC platforms and BYOD (Bring your own device) solutions.

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Which video conferencing equipment is right for you?

The decline of traditional face to face meetings with the advent of hybrid working, where in-office and remote work go hand in hand, has meant that video conferencing calls  are business-critical. So, upgrading your meeting spaces with effective video conferencing solutions, delivering high quality audio and video, is a key investment.

Before you decide on a conferencing solutions it’s important to understand the options available. The good news is that there are lots of VC platform and hardware choices. But what is the best-fit solution for the specific needs of your organisation and its office space? The cameras and microphones required in a huddle space are very different to large conference rooms.

MVS is expert at helping our customers make the right choice.

Make it simple. Engage the experts

A successful video conference room project is measured by good room usage and an absence of complaints or support desk calls. Your colleagues just want to get on with their meetings and not worry about the technology.

VC technology today enables users to start a meeting with one click, or even an audio command, and get to work.

But delivering that simple meeting experience requires selection and installation of the right solution for your company and that’s where an expert AV integrator like MVS comes in.

Hear and be heard​

A productive video conference meeting and poor audio are not compatible.

The size and configuration of a room may not be suitable for an all-in-one video bar. Extended microphones and additional speakers may be necessary. Or maybe a bespoke solution with best-of-breed speakers and mics might be required.

It may be that the room acoustics are poor and an acoustic survey and recommended treatments need to be fitted.

MVS experts ensure that your users can hear and be heard.

See and be seen​

Room dimensions, configuration and usage also impact the cameras and displays that are necessary for a good meeting experience.

If the room is long and thin you will need a camera with a large optical zoom and you may need a secondary display nearer the back of the room. If the room is short and wide you will need a camera with a wide FOV (field of view) and a single display may suffice.

MVS would undertake a room survey and provide an appropriate AV design to ensure the room will work for you.

Added value features​​

Camera tracking, auto framing and other features are now included in even standard room kits but technology in the video conference space continues to evolve at pace to enable even more productive hybrid meetings.

Microsoft Teams Front Row sits remote participants at table level. Zoom Smart Gallery leverages AI to take a single-camera view of multiple people in a Zoom Room and send up to three unique video streams to better display the in-room participants to remote attendees. Interactive whiteboarding and content cameras enable remote colleagues to participate as if they were in the room.

If there are any VC features that could benefit the way you work, MVS can assist with setting up your meeting spaces.

We work with all the world’s top AV brands

MVS has access to the world’s best video conferencing equipment and is vendor agnostic. Which means we give you the solution that is right for your needs and budget, now and in the future.

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