Desk Booking Systems

Improve desk space use in a hybrid workplace

Desk booking systems make you more productive

Changes in modern working practices, such as hybrid working, are having an impact on how organisations utilise their office space. Many are reducing their fixed office estate and number of desks. Others are reducing desk space and increasing meeting rooms.

The days of everyone having a nominated desk are numbered. Some of your colleagues may only come into the office once or twice a week. Others may wish to base themselves in the office. And you may have less desks than staff. So it’s important that finding a desk is not a barrier to a productive day in the office. Desk booking systems remove that barrier.

MVS offers a number of desk booking solutions which make life easy for your workers and enable your organisation to better manage expensive office space.

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The benefits of desk booking systems

These are some of the most common reasons organisations come to us for meeting desk booking systems, but to discuss your specific needs please call us on 020 3411 1630


Book remotely

Mobile, calendar, web

Simplicity icon

Book on arrival

Book via kiosk or at desk

Find colleagues and be found

Sit next to your colleagues

touch to join

Easy check-in

Desk screen tap, RFID, occupancy sensor

Access control

Assign permanent, bookable, time limits


Accurate desk utilisation data

Desk Booking Systems

At MVS, we are partners with a number of the leading desk booking vendors. This allows us to provide the right solution to meet your requirements. Below are some of our partners:

desk booking systems from Condeco next to lady working on laptop at desk


A solution customised for you

Condeco is ideal for any office-based business wanting to embrace flexibility and agility within its workforce, and wanting to maximize its office space in a changing business world.

desk booking systems from Evoko Kleeo next to man working at desk on laptop

Evoko Kleeo

The smart desk booking device with a personal touch.

Secure your workspace, reduce stress and increase productivity. Kleeo desk manager is an essential tool for the modern workplace.

desk booking system from GoBright map Woman using to book desk


Take flexible working to the next level with GoBright desk booking software.

Check the occupation status of workplaces and book your desk within seconds. Use the smart app or online portal to make a booking in the desk booking system. Anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Check in / out at your desk and pre-set your personal preferences.

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