How to set up Skype For Business meeting rooms for more effective video conferencing

How to set up Skype For Business meeting rooms for more effective video conferencing

If you are amongst the 100 million plus business users who utilise Skype For Business to communicate with colleagues or clients, you will already be familiar with the many ways audio and video conferencing has transformed the way business is done today.

With remote conferencing, business meetings now don’t have to entail hours of travelling for participants. Collaborating on a project no longer means having to be in the same room. Organising a meeting with several busy business people doesn’t require the services of a PA.

With today’s powerful corporate communication tools, such as Skype For Business, you can easily connect with colleagues using instant messaging, voice or video calls. Collaboration is now easier than ever when you can remotely share screens with one another, to show or see what is being worked on. Organising and initiating meetings takes a mere touch of a button, and with Skype For Business of course, you also enjoy seamless integration with all of your Microsoft Office apps.

You are probably already sold on the many powerful features and benefits of Skype For Business on your desktop PC or smartphone. The key question for meeting room conferencing is, how does Skype For Business compare with the suite of cutting-edge corporate video conferencing solutions, such as Zoom, Cisco or Polycom, which are all competing to be the communications platform of choice in the meeting spaces within your organisation. Read on to discover some of the powerful features of Skype For Business and for guidance on how to set up the system in your meeting rooms, if you decide it’s the best choice for your organisation.

At MVS, we have the expertise to design and install the most effective video conferencing solution for the unique requirements of your business.

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Get The Most From Your Skype For Business Meeting Rooms

With the right Skype For Business meeting room setup, you can receive the same benefits of your Skype For Business desktop client on large format displays. Whilst, also taking advantage of a range of additional features that will enable you to get the most from your video conferencing.

MVS have successfully designed and installed meeting and collaboration solutions throughout the UK and Europe. The meeting rooms that are created by our expert AV designers and engineers utilise all of the most powerful features of Skype For Business, including:

  • Options to install interactive touch screen overlays on large format displays.
  • Installations of high-definition Logitech PTZ cameras including pan, tilt, zoom and USB web cameras, with superb picture quality.
  • Installations of professional grade, high-quality microphones that can be installed on-desk, recessed into tables or ceiling mounted. Examples include the MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphones, which deliver configurable and invisible audio coverage from above, for rooms of any size or shape.
  • Integration of Skype For Business with your existing video conferencing hardware, including the industry standard H.323 systems.
  • Integration with your existing audio conferencing phones, such as the Revolabs UC1500 Conference Phone, that combine superior speaker, microphone, and audio processing technologies.

Take Collaboration To Another Level With A Meeting Room Solution Built With The Latest Hardware

MVS use a range of the latest market-leading meeting room hardware to build-up the ideal meeting room solution for any organisation’s specific requirements, including:

  • Large audience or big space capabilities, with professional microphones and audio DSPs, to handle a multitude of audio inputs and outputs.
  • Meeting room digital signage to display internal messages, marketing messages or client presentations.
  • Meeting room booking panels and next-generation management systems, such as Evoko room booking systems, so you can say goodbye to double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings.
  • Fully integrated meeting room installations with built-in ceiling speakers, sound bars and web cams, seamlessly installed into walls and ceilings.

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There are many professional quality devices and peripherals on the market today, to enhance your video conferencing experience. MVS have done the hard yards of testing, trialling and integrating hardware into a wide variety of conferencing environments.

Skype For Business Plus Starleaf

Looking to take full advantage of Skype For Business for your enterprise? Look no further than the range of StarLeaf video conferencing systems.

StarLeaf is the only market-leading video conferencing solution that easily enables users of the most popular third-party video conferencing systems, including Cisco, Polycom and Lifesize, to join a scheduled Skype meeting.

StarLeaf integration provides a premium meeting room and management solution for Skype For Business, across all meeting spaces, from small huddle rooms to the largest conferencing suites.

How can Starleaf enhance your video conferencing experience if you’re using Skype For Business?

Starleaf streamlines your Skype For Business meetings, as the system ‘works’ with the widest range of video conferencing systems which are prevalent in corporate environments around the world.

Easily invite external parties to your Skype meetings with StarLeaf. StarLeaf also offers dedicated hardware and manufactures several room systems, which sit on the back of your existing Skype For Business infrastructure.

StarLeaf offers three different Skype For Business integration packages:

  1. StarLeaf Medley – is the free of charge, entry level, integration option. Medley solves the big challenge that Skype For Business users face when they need to connect with a user on a different conferencing system. If you’ve ever tried to connect with a user on a traditional H.323 system such as Polycom or Cisco, during your Skype call, you will be all too familiar with the interoperability challenges. Medley overcomes such difficulties, allowing you to connect multiple systems seamlessly and hassle-free. Although Medley may well suit some smaller businesses, other options provide a more integrated, professional grade experience.
  2. Teamline Portfolio by StarLeaf – offers a full Skype For Business integration service for the H.323 and SIP meeting room systems that traditionally are standard in corporate and enterprise environments. The connection services in this package allow users to instantly escalate point-to-point calls into a group meeting, provide direct peer-to-peer video calling, and automatically sync directories across all of your sites and devices.
  3. Maestro by StarLeaf – is the premium service that allows you to access StarLeaf’s powerful management platform, which gives you total control from a single location. Maestro provides an easy-to-use dashboard and a streamlined and intuitive user experience.

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StarLeaf combines a comprehensive range of hardware and software, all managed from the cloud. With its powerful integration options, Starleaf is your ‘one stop shop’ for cost-effective Skype For Business meeting rooms.

How Can MVS Help With StarLeaf?

MVS are proud to be an authorised partner of StarLeaf. Our experienced audio visual engineers and system designers can work with your team to install the perfect video conferencing solution to meet your organisation’s unique needs. We can deploy StarLeaf in your meeting rooms with a room system, or in your huddle spaces with webcams.

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Video Conferencing Solutions From MVS

MVS have successfully designed and installed meeting and collaboration solutions into our clients’ meeting rooms, from small huddle rooms, to executive offices and boardrooms, through to large conference halls. Our expert AV designers and engineers tailor the right video conferencing solutions to meet the individual needs of each of our clients, using the latest and greatest hardware and software from the world’s leading audio visual brands.

If a Skype For Business video conferencing system seems like the right choice for your business, we would be happy to discuss your options further. We offer free demos so you can see exactly what you will be getting and how the software works.

To speak to a member of our team about video conferencing or meeting room solutions for your business, call us on 0203 4111 630 or use our contact form here.

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