How to choose a video wall


Where do you start when designing a video wall?  Give MVS a call obviously.  Alternatively take a look at our basic video wall guide below.


The Bracket

There are hundreds of brackets on the market from manufacturers such as B-Tech, Unicol, Peerless, Chief, Audipack and many many more; each manufacturer offer multiple options for the most effective way of mounting a video wall.  The variety comes in the form of a frame work bracket such as the Peerless DS-VW660-2X2, ‘pop in & pop out’ brackets (the best in our humble opinion) such as the B-Tech BT-8310, drawstring release brackets or, if you are really brave, universal wall brackets where  you attempt to line up the brackets by eyesight, a very good measuring tape, spirit level and a very tired and frustrated team of engineers ;-).

The choice depends on your budget and the size of your video wall.  For a 2×2 video wall we would recommend a simple Peerless or B-Tech framework bracket for ease of install and at a very good cost point; for any larger, more complicated video walls we would recommend using the ‘pop in & pop out’ brackets for an easy install and for ongoing maintenance of the video wall.  They do come at a higher price point, however, if you imagine a situation where you have a 5×5 video wall and the centre screen develops a fault, with other systems you would need to have two men removing approximately 10 of the 25 screens around the faulty screen in order to access the, one, faulty screen. This is extremely labour intensive and just as expensive.


So with your bracket on the wall what’s next?


The Screen

If you thought there were a lot of choices & manufacturers with brackets, you’ll be pleased to know there are just as many making video wall screens, if not more!

Let’s look at what screen to choose; there are LCD panels, Cubes, or even projectors (we won’t be looking at the 2x latter options today, so don’t panic).  So you’ve decided to use LCD screens for your video wall, as a standard the screens typically come in 46” or 55” versions there are always slight variants with each manufacturer but its best to assume these as a standard.  How do you choose what screen to go with?  Well in some ways it is much like choosing a TV for your home, in that, there are cheaper models with a thicker bezel, or reduced inputs delivering a slightly less bright image, on the other hand you have screens with extremely thin bezels such as the new LG VH7B Direct Backlit LED Display screen WHICH has a 1.8mm bezel to bezel thickness or broadcast quality screens such as the SAMSUNG UDE-S series of screens which have been optimised for the unique environment of a broadcst studio.

If you need a video wall within retail or a corporate environment but don’t have the budget for the top of the range screens there are many at a very competitive price point and look great with minimal bezels and a great bright image such as the NEC X464UN, or the impressive LG 47LV35A-5B alternatively you can use the Samsung UE46D all of which are great screens and give an impressive image for your business.






Now you have the brackets and screens on the wall; you need some content right?


The Content

What do you want to distribute on the screens?  How do you distribute the content? Let MVS design the best way for getting content to the screen.  Whether you ae looking to have multiple inputs such as digital signage, TV feed, live sales statistics or a simple video we can utilise the industries best products to get your screen working to an optimal level.  If you want to display one image across the entire wall you negate the need for a video wall processor (depending on the size of your wall).  If you want multiple sources displayed or have an extremely large video wall with a resolution not typically supported you will need to input your sources into a video wall processor from the likes of Datapath, Dexon, Vu-Wall; again there are many options on the market.  These processors allow you to crop and manage the multiple sources onto the video wall without losing the quality of the image; a must have for some video walls.

Do you want Digital Signage or IPTV?  What’s the difference? Where do I start?  Don’t worry we will provide the answers in an upcoming post!

That’s it, simple as that…..clear as mud right!?  I know, so call MVS now to take the stress and confusion away from designing your video wall and let one of our specialist consultants work with you to understand your requirements and interpret those into the perfect video wall.  Call now 01202 861696.


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