MVS on site – Tandoor Chop House, Strand, London

Tandoor Chop House, Strand, London

Who is the client?

Tandoor Chop House is a trendy restaurant that combines North Indian style cooking with that of a classic British chop house. The food that is served consists of prime cuts of meat, cooked in tandoor ovens with Indian spices and marinades, creating some hearty and comforting plates of food. As with all restaurants, the atmosphere at Tandoor Chop House is of utmost importance, which is where MVS come into the equation…

What did we do?

The client contacted MVS through a recommendation from a member of staff. They wanted to upgrade their audio system to ensure the atmosphere was buzzing and audio levels were consistently good throughout the restaurant. Being a trendy destination, they wanted a particular look of speaker for the restaurant, whilst still having a top quality background sound system.

To accommodate their requirements, we installed Bose 100 watt speakers with a twist…to achieve a retro appearance we fitted the Bose speakers inside Marshall cabinets. After rigorous testing at the MVS warehouse to ensure the sound was effectively transmitted through the covers, the speakers were fitted on site and seamlessly blended in with the existing decor, without compromising the quality of the sound.

Bose speakers at Tandoor Chop House Bose speakers at Tandoor Chop House

The client was over the moon with the retro look and the quality of the background music system.

Background Music Systems

A good quality background sound system can make a huge difference to an establishment, be it a restaurant, a bar or a retail shop. Music affects the mood of a listener, and if you can create the perfect setting in your establishment, your customers will be happy and as a result, give you good business.

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