MVS on site – Curtiss-Wright

Curtiss-Wright, Bournemouth Airport

Who is the client?

Curtiss-Wright is a global provider of highly engineered and technologically advanced products and services for industrial, commercial, defence and energy markets. Curtiss-Wright recently built new offices at Bournemouth Airport and needed help installing screens, projectors and audio in their multiple meeting rooms and canteen area.

What did we do?

Curtiss-Wright came to MVS in the search of high quality AV across 26 singular meeting rooms, a boardroom, a training room and the communal canteen. The large scale of the project required MVS to focus on consistency and cost effective installation for the client.

In each meeting room, LG screens ranging from 49-84 inches were installed, all with HDMI connection and wePresent wireless presentation system to allow for effective employee presentations. The canteen required 8 large LG screens fitted to walls and the ceiling for employee entertainment during breaks with 1 large Optoma laser projector, microphone and 40 speakers to enhance background audio.


MVS completed the project on time, within budget and the client was thrilled with the quality of the installation and screens across the site.

Meeting room installation and maintenance

Quality meeting rooms and communal areas can make all the difference in a workplace. MVS offer cost-effective solutions for all varieties of meeting room jobs, from large scale projects to bespoke and individual office room fittings. From design and installation to maintenance, MVS will ensure the audio visual equipment is perfectly suited to the meeting room.

If you would like to learn more about meeting room installation and maintenance, give MVS a call on 0203 4111 630.

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