MVS Audio Visual Become Logitech Business Partner

Logitech Tap for Google Hangouts Meet

We are extremely pleased to announce that MVS Audio Visual have become a Logitech Business Partner. Since the Logitech Tap was released back in February 2019, we have been working with several enterprise end-users on deployments of Logitech Tap to their national and global AV estates.

We only design, install and maintain the best video meeting room AV solutions, so are delighted to now be selected as an official Logitech Business Partner.

“Having Joined Logitech’s Business Partner Programme, MVS Audio Visual is now equipped to support large scale opportunities for deployments of Logitech Video Conferencing Systems leveraging our existing partnerships with Zoom, Google and Microsoft. We are excited to grow what has already been a successful long-standing relationship with Logitech” – Simon Hurst, Director

What are the benefits of being a Logitech Business Partner?

Joining Logitech as a Business Partner gives MVS Audio Visual access to the best prices for larger projects. It also means we get insight into the new and developing technologies that Logitech are bringing to the collaboration market.

This means that our clients can benefit from the most competitive AV project prices, using the latest, most innovative systems.

What is the Logitech Tap?

Logitech Tap is a complete ‘out of the box’ touch control hardware solution for meeting room AV. It allows users to join meetings, share content, schedule and view upcoming meetings with ease. This allows you and your employees to benefit from more productive meetings.

Read more about the Logitech Tap >>.

What are the advantages of using the Logitech Tap?

Works with your video conferencing platform of choice

Logitech Tap is a flexible solution that is suitable for all businesses due to its compatibility with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom and Google Meets. With almost all organisations using one of these video conferencing solutions, you can rest assured that the Logitech Tap will work for your needs.

Scalable to room size

It also gives the end-users a single piece of hardware that can be deployed to a wide range of meeting room sizes. Using pre-built bundles for small, medium and large meeting rooms, the Logitech Tap is fully scalable to your business’ requirements. For larger spaces, the Logitech Tap can be connected to an external audio system with ceiling microphones or handheld microphones via a Digital Sound Processor (DSP).

Control your meeting environment

One of the most innovative features of the Logitech Tap is the option to incorporate controls of other in-room AV hardware, such as lighting and blinds into the Logitech Tap touch panel. This has the ability to make meetings and presentations even more efficient.

Speak to MVS about Logitech meeting room solutions

As leaders in enterprise meeting room AV and video conferencing solutions, we are well equipped to help you with your AV requirements.

As well as Logitech Tap, we offer a wide range of Logitech collaboration products including Logitech Rally and Logitech MeetUp. This means that whatever your business’ needs may be, and whatever sized room you’re looking to kit out, we can help.

Speak to a member of our expert team today on 0203 4111 630, or by clicking here >>. We’d be happy to talk through your options and offer on-site demonstrations. Proof of concepts are also available.

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