The Logitech Tap – Official Release Update

The Logitech Tap - Official Release Update

MVS are excited to be able to announce the long-awaited pricing and estimated shipping dates of the Logitech Tap system. There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding this piece of hardware, primarily due to its ability to seamlessly integrate with Zoom, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and Google Meets.

Its innovative and easy to use touch-screen interface means that joining meetings, instant content sharing, and meeting organisation is a breeze – no matter the meeting space size.

Pre-orders can be taken now, so contact our friendly team of AV designers and installers today by clicking here. Read on for more information on the Logitech Tap release.

How much will the Logitech Tap cost?

As mentioned above, the initial release of Logitech Tap will support a variety of video conferencing platforms.

There will be 3 kits available, each suited to meeting rooms of varying sizes, plus the option to purchase the Tap as a base pack to link into your existing screen, webcam, microphone and speakers.

Prices for the base pack start competitively from £1749 +VAT for the Microsoft Teams Package, and £1629 +VAT for our Zoom Rooms Package.

There are then a variety of Logitech Tap meeting room kits. For smaller meeting rooms, we incorporate Logitech MeetUp, medium size room kits include Logitech Rally, and large rooms utilise Rally Plus. If you require a more bespoke AV solution, our meeting room AV experts can propose options for custom size rooms such as town halls, or rooms requiring ceiling microphones.

In addition to the already competitive pricing, orders for three or more units or more will attract limited time discounts. Contact us today for more information on pricing and discounts by clicking here>>.

When will it be available?

Current shipping dates for the Logitech Tap Microsoft Teams options are the last week of June 2019, with Zoom Room packages following shortly afterwards. Pre-orders for all kits are being taken now.

Can I get an onsite demonstration?

We believe that the benefits and innovative features of the Logitech Tap system are best seen in person. Because of this, we are currently taking bookings for free onsite demonstrations to be completed mid-late June onwards. Contact our sales team today to arrange your free demo >>.

Can I get a proof of concept?

Of course. Simply let us know a bit more about your project, role out plans, and meeting room AV needs, and we can arrange two week proof of concepts.

How do I get the Logitech Tap installed?

MVS’ team of experienced AV installers have already undertaken full training of the setup and installation of the Logitech Tap systems ready for launch. Our expert team can install them into rooms with existing hardware, or alternatively if you don’t currently have effective meeting room AV in place, we’d be happy to provide a turn key solution.

What are the mounting options?

As standard, the Logitech Tap will sit desktop, however there are versatile brackets that allow for:

  • Table Top with 180c swivel
  • Riser Mount with 180c swivel
  • Wall Mount
Logitech Tap mounting options

Does the Logitech Tap support content sharing?

Yes, as standard content sharing is via HDMI, however if you are running on a Zoom Rooms system, you also get the benefit of wireless content sharing capabilities.

Does the Logitech Tap Support Dual Screen?

Yes, dual screening is included as standard as a feature of the Logitech Tap.

Why choose MVS as your Logitech Tap system installers?

MVS are one of the UK leaders in specialist meeting room AV solutions, with our service offerings now expanding across Europe. We have offices in London and Dorset, allowing us to be conveniently positioned to serve clients, whether they have single sites or multiple locations, across the whole of the UK and beyond.

Every audio visual installation that MVS undertakes is carried out by a team of fully trained engineers, backed by our expert audio visual designers. This means that you can only expect to receive a superior standard of service and solution provided.

MVS’ experienced team have been preparing for the Logitech Tap launch, meaning that is soon as it’s available our clients can be amongst the first to benefit from the system.

Logitech Tap hardware

For more information on the Logitech Tap, or to book a free onsite demonstration, please click here >>.

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