Audio Visual Solutions: Tips for Estate Agents

Do estate agents really need Audio Visual equipment such as Video Walls or Digital Signage Screens?

The answer in my, biased, opinion is an emphatic YES! The Estate Agent market has changed drastically within the last 20-15 years and we are seeing some more changes currently with more and more ‘internet only’ estate agents such as PurpleBricks and Sarah Beeny’s Personally, I don’t agree 100% with an online estate agent but I can certainly see the advantages for both customer and company. But as with any professional service a cheap product/service can end up costing a lot further down the line and costs come in other forms than just monetary value such as time, emotional stress and many more.

Understanding the Needs of the Business

Both the client and integrator need to understand why the business is choosing to invest in audio visual technologies and consider the future maintenance and management of any solution specified. If you are looking to increase brand awareness or if you are simply looking to publish your properties to potential buyers on the shop window to ensure your staff are not having to deal with ‘time wasters’ – you get them in every business and as much as we all hate them you have to treat them with the time and care you would a serious buyer as you never know what that interaction may lead to in a month, year or even 5 years down the line. You can’t limit all time wasters but you can try.

I remember a tale of an estate agent who was dealing with a new potential customer, the customer was enquiring about several multi million pound properties on their books; unfortunately for the estate agent in question they did not treat the customer very well because of the customer’s appearance and they soon left.  It turned out the customer was a premiership footballer and ended up buying one of the most expensive properties in the area along with the repeat business he brought and recommendations to other highly successful, highly paid Premier League Footballers….aside over.

Video wall, digital signage screens or interactive?

However If you want to engage people on the street with the properties on your books I would recommend you install a screen in every window and regularly update the properties being displayed using a digital signage platform to manage the content.  If, however, you want customers to interact with your business why not install interactive technologies such as touch screens and touch overlays onto the window; admittedly a more expensive solution but lets a customer spend more time looking at your properties and engaging with your brand.

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If you are trying to sell your brand or engage a wider audience as well as talk about your properties, it is time you considered a video wall.  The impact of a large video wall in any retail front is incredibly powerful.  Imagine a 42” screen in a window displaying your latest corporate video…I would guess 1 in 10 may stop to take a look.  Imagine instead, if you will, a 3.5m tall 2m wide LCD screen displaying that same content…I dare say that number will increase drastically and you will also engage with additional customers on the other side of the road, cars, busses and cyclists. Admittedly not everyone looking will be your next customer but they may remember the brand and tell their friends & family…what better way to advertise than word of mouth!

Don’t forget Rule #1 about screens in shop windows…High Brightness, High Brightness, High Brightness!  In case you missed my point – What I am trying to say is, use High Brightness screens.  For video walls I would recommend the Dynascan DS551LX for video walls in retail windows.

Do Audio Visual solutions provide a return on investment?

If the business is conscious of the investment required in Audio Visual technologies, remember one thing; you have a large retail frontage typically in high footfall areas.  What does this mean?  Well firstly, the space is not being used and is considered wasted space; you can’t sit on the window after all!  So we’ve identified it is the perfect place to enhance your own brand which will provide a return on investment over a longer period of time.  If you need a faster return on your investment that is easier to track why not sell advertising space??  Clearly don’t sell space to your competitors but it can’t hurt to sell advertising space to other local businesses in the area.  Just a thought…

The solutions are now so good that they can pay for themselves in months, or weeks. Looking forward it is hard to see how companies will be able to be competitive without deploying suitable installations across their network of branches and locations.

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