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Neat – Hardware for Microsoft and Zoom

Neat designs simple and elegant pioneering video devices for Microsoft and Zoom, helping make the meeting space experience the best it can be. Bringing you the future of video today, Neat bridges the gap between in-room and remote participants like never before by individually auto framing each person in the room and presenting them equally up close on remote participants screens. This capability gives you, your colleagues or students the truest sense yet of being all together in the same room. Read on to learn more about the three key innovative pieces of Neat hardware currently on offer, or to get started with Neat.

Neat now certified for Microsoft Teams worldwide

This is a big deal. It means that Neat Board, Neat Bar and Neat Pad now natively run Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms for Android.

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Neat hardware devices

Currently, Neat offers three devices that MVS can supply and install for you:

Neat bar and Neat pad

The Neat Bar

A meeting room device that mounts above or below your screen/s for high quality video and audio. It self-activates when you enter the room, turning on your monitors for you. It also comes with the Neat Pad touch controller, allowing you to join meetings in a single tap Neat Bar is ideal for rooms of up to 10 people. Go up a notch with Neat Bar Pro for larger spaces.
The Neat pad

The Neat Pad

A simple, elegant touchscreen that has two purposes. It can be used inside your meeting room as a Microsoft Teams / Zoom controller, offering enhanced audio pick up thanks to its built-in microphone, or can be mounted outside of a meeting room as a scheduling display.
The Neat board

The Neat Board

A complete Zoom or Microsoft Teams Meeting Room solution in one device. This 65” touchscreen has a wide-angle camera for more immersive meetings, allows wireless content sharing and whiteboard functionality with ‘Neat Markers’ for easy on-screen annotations.

Enhance your experience with Neat.

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Neat technology

Besides being extremely simple to install, set up and use, Neat devices come with cutting-edge technologies.

Neat Sense

Neat Sense

Smart sensor technology for meeting spaces monitoring occupancy, air quality, humidity, CO2, and VOC, temperature, people count. Built-in sensors provide real-time monitoring of room usage and the quality and health of the environment, centering on well-being and optimal room utilization.

Neat Symmetry

Neat Symmetry

This pioneering technology enables remote participants to see everyone in the meeting room equally and up close, regardless of who’s speaking. It combines advanced AI with a high-resolution sensor to zoom in and individually auto frame each person in the room, instinctively following them if they shift positions, stand up or move around.

Neat Bubble

Neat Bubble

A true meeting room revolution, this set of audio capabilities suppresses any unwanted background noise outside of the camera view. In other words, what you see is what you hear. So even when someone is sitting or standing far back in the room, if they are within sight, they can be clearly heard by all.

Neat Boundary

Neat Boundary

This unique Neat technology removes and blocks out any annoying background images, putting you in control of the camera and who it sees, tracks and auto frames. Incorporated into all Neat devices, Neat Boundary assures the camera doesn’t focus on anyone other than those in the meeting. This feature is ideal for open-plan offices, meeting rooms with glass walls and home spaces.

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