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Turn a laptop into a meeting room system controller

Connect a laptop to a room system’s AV equipment for use with any video meeting platform

You may have set your meeting rooms up as Zoom Rooms or Microsoft Teams Rooms, but there will always be times when the use of a different video meeting platform is required. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could take control of the room hardware?

With the Logitech Swytch, you can deploy video conferencing room solutions from providers like Microsoft or Zoom, while also allowing people to use these meeting rooms with other video conferencing services.

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Find out how Logitech Swytch can help make your meeting room AV systems more versatile.

Join any meeting from every room

Logitech Swytch makes it easy for people to use your rooms with any video meeting service.

With a single USB-A or C connection, anyone can link their laptop to the meeting room’s display and conference camera. No extra cables or adapters required.

Swytch gives people the freedom to meet, present, and stream on any service. Ready for every meeting. That’s Logitech Swytch.

Using the Logitech Swytch is easy

To join or host a video meeting, simply plug the iconic Swytch Connector into any laptop with a USB 3.0 or higher Type A or Type C port. No dongles, no splitters, no HDMI required.

Thanks to hidden cabling and a convenient magnetic dock, Swytch keeps every room tidy and organized, even those without dedicated computers. A single connection and straightforward user experience make it easy for anyone to use their personal laptop for team collaboration.

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