Dual View Screens: LG OLED


LG always strive to be at the forefront of new technologies and are now bringing OLED to commercial displays. Widely being considered as the next step in smart television, the ultra HD dual view screens are highly versatile and are well suited to a number of digital signage situations.

Features of LG Dual view screens

There are several factors that contribute to the superiority of LG OLED displays over LCD screens:

  • Perfect black – limitless contrast thanks to self-lighting pixels that switch off completely to reproduce black.
  • Accurate colour – the self-lighting pixels bring colours to life with stable colour reproduction.
  • Wide viewing angle – unbeatable picture quality across the entire screen even from obscure angles.
  • Crisp, clear motion – 5,000 times faster motion picture response time means no blurring of the picture.
  • Slim and lightweight – thanks to just two layers, the edge depth of LG OLED is just 8.94mm.

How to use dual view screens

The versatility and compatibility of these screens means that they can serve a multitude of purposes in numerous digital signage situations. The two-way screens can either mirror content or display different content on each side thanks to its ability to accept separate sources for either side. The displays can switch between what is shown simply by pressing a button on the remote, reducing the need for more screens and thus saving space.

Where to use OLED Signage

These Dual-view flat LED displays are an ideal alternative for digital signage in situations such as hotels, airports, public areas, retail or any environment where multiple display screens are required.

As LG OLED displays are completely customisable, these state-of-the-art screens will contribute positively to any room where they are installed because they are aesthetically attractive as well as offering a two-way media experience.

Installing OLED displays

These LG OLED displays can be installed in a number of ways. There are specialist accessories that enable the screens to be positioned either suspended from the ceiling, mounted on a wall or fixed on a floor stand.

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