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Over the last ten years, at times it looked like online was going to take over and shut down high street shops. But recently, bricks and mortar shops have seen a resurgence. This has been due to the merging of the offline with the online, bringing digital to the shopping experience, in particular using digital signage in retail.

Customers still enjoy visiting a shop and seeing the products before making a purchase, but they often also expect an omnichannel experience. The use of digital signage in retail is becoming much more popular to cater for these digitally savvy customers, and can improve the performance of a store.

The systems

The digital signage used in retail consists of a screen or display board and an integrated digital media player. The displays are often connected to a speaker system so that audio can be synchronised with what is being shown. Once the system has been installed, there are a number of ways that digital signage in retail can help boost sales.

How is digital signage used?

Shops and businesses frequently choose digital signage in retail as a type of secondary sales tool. Installing screens or devices that display information allows customers to easily locate what they want instead of wandering around the shop floor. This is known as a point of sale display unit for retail and uses a screen or device to bring your online shop to real life. Using digital signage for this can be interactive, you could work to tailor the experience to be intimate for each user. Within the system, you could ‘suggest’ similar or related products to what is being searched in an attempt to gain more sales.

Another use of digital signage in retail is purely for attraction. Screens can be used to tempt in customers by displaying content that will catch the eye of passers-by. The content and positioning of the display plays a crucial role; in an age of incredibly short attention spans, what is being shown has to be easy to read and understand. For these reasons, brief and engaging videos are often the preferred choice of retailers. If you are using digital signage in retail for this purpose, we suggest a proper display screen so to get the best quality image.

Benefits of digital signage in retail

Once the digital signage system has been integrated into the retail shop, there are a number of ways that it can help your sales:

  • Specifically tailored – the content that is shown can be adjusted to suit a certain target audience. If you know who your main customers are for a certain product, you can play to this on your displays.
  • Easily updated – using the integrated digital media player means that you can frequently change what is being shown. When new season stock comes in you can change your display to push the new products.
  • Easy to control – once installed the system is simple to use. You can schedule the displays and accompanying audio to just tick over for the duration of each day.
  • Digital generation – using captivating digital encounters is almost expected these days. By using digital signage in retail you can stake your claim as ‘current’.

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