How leading brands from Asda to Barclays use digital signage and retail AV to enhance the shop floor

How leading brands from Asda to Barclays use digital signage and retail AV to enhance the shop floor

As a retailer in today’s multi-channel marketplace, you are always striving to engage with customers in the most effective ways. As we’re sure you know, today’s shopper demands the same integrated, engaging and interactive experience that they enjoy on the ‘digital high street’ in your bricks and mortar stores.

Well executed digital signage allows retailers to bring the best of the online experience to the shop floor, by delivering your messages in the attention-holding and interactive manner that your digitally savvy shopper now expects. Digital signage also enables retailers to take advantage of a holistic customer engagement strategy where online, in-store, face-to-face and on-mobile experiences work together.

Shoppers still enjoy the high street experience of visiting a shop and seeing the products before making a purchase. This occurrence can now be further enhanced as the inclusion of digital signage allows a customer to learn more without the need to wait for a member of staff.

Digital signage delivers an omnichannel experience on the shop floor

A key challenge for the modern high street is the disconnect between the experience shoppers enjoy off-premises, to the experience they receive when they walk through the shop door. Digital signage bridges the ‘digital experience gap’ by providing customers with a high quality, eye-catching and engaging shopper experience that helps to connect the in-store experience with online and on-mobile events. Learn more about how digital signage in retail can bring digital into retail and merge the offline and online experiences.

In this article, we take a look at the ways in which MVS Audio Visual have provided complete digital signage solutions to enhance the customer experience on the shop floors of some of the UK’s leading brands.

In-branch digital signage enables Barclays Bank to deliver up-to-date customer information and marketing messages


Barclays Bank branches exemplify the latest design in modern banking. MVS Audio Visual have played a key role in modernising the in-branch experience by completing digital signage installations for Barclays nationwide.

MVS have been installing visual displays in Barclays branches since 2007, to provide a complete visual communication and marketing solution. Banking halls have been fitted with high definition 42” and 46” LCD screens, each with options to show the BBC news channel, the latest promotional videos or up-to-date customer information.

The tailored digital signage solutions MVS have provided to Barclays, and its many other clients, is specially engineered to make it easy for marketing staff or members of the management team to easily control and switch content. This is achieved through the use of a market-leading integrated digital media player, which provides a simple, remote way to instantly manage the content being shown on the installed screens or video walls it is linked to. In addition, all the in-branch displays can be coordinated to show the same messages as other Barclays marketing channels, such as; online, mobile and TV.

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Video walls and digital signage help shoppers find the products they’re looking for in Asda supermarkets across the UK

Many modern supermarkets are large, with complex layouts, and can often be difficult for shoppers to understand. Digital signage wayfinding provides a simple and interactive way to show customers where products are and how to get there from their current location.

MVS Audio Visual have designed and installed a multitude of audio visual solutions for Asda supermarkets across the UK. Bespoke in-store video walls and digital signage screens, along with background audio and public address systems, are providing an improved in-store shopping experience by helping shoppers to find their way around Asda’s shop floors.

Asda Digital signage

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Why choose MVS for retail digital signage?

MVS Audio Visual are leading UK providers of complete digital signage solutions, to businesses in a wide range of sectors. A bespoke digital signage installation by MVS can enhance your shop floor and improve the performance of your store, in a multitude of ways.

From small digital signage displays amongst your products, which assist shoppers by showing them additional information and product features, to an eye-catching large format video wall display displaying the latest offers being advertised on your website, MVS have the expertise to deliver the ideal digital signage solution to enhance your stores.

Key ways in which digital signage by MVS has boosted sales and customer engagement levels for its clients include:

  • Tailored content – the content shown can be easily and quickly adjusted to the target audience.
  • Easily updated – using integrated digital media players, staff can frequently change the content that’s being displayed. Whether you have a mobile marketing promotion to advertise in-store, or new season stock has arrived that you want to announce, digital signage content is quick and simple to update with an MVS system.
  • Eye-catching and attention-holding – a digital signage system by MVS provides the platform you need to deliver the captivating digital encounters that today’s customer expects.
  • Bridging the gap to integrated marketing – digital signage bridges the gap between the shop floor and other channels, by displaying content and unified messages from your print, website, mobile, social media and other marketing collateral

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