Different types of business AV equipment and the key advantages they provide

Different types of business AV equipment and the key advantages they provide

In this article, we take a look at the types of AV equipment available to businesses in 2018 and the key advantages audio visual can provide. From the boardroom to the shop floor, audio visual systems are becoming more and more commonplace in today’s business environments. Whether you’re looking for more effective ways to communicate with internal teams, or you want to get your latest marketing promotions in-front of shoppers’ eyes, employing the latest AV technology, with skillful AV design, can give your organisation a competitive edge.

Here at MVS, we’ve been installing the latest AV tech to help our clients fulfill their objectives for over 25 years. In that time, we’ve seen rapid developments in the devices and network connectivity that power AV systems, along with users becoming more tech savvy. With technology now permeating our personal lives, clients and their staff are more capable of being able to use an AV system intuitively with minimal training.

In this ‘connected’ media-driven age, where it’s more difficult to grab and retain a customers attention, it’s with no surprise that more businesses are broadcasting their captivating video content through effective audio visual systems. Sectors leading the way with regards to the use of video walls and digital signage include retail, hospitality and leisure.

In what is a rapidly changing commercial environment, audio visual is a powerful tool that can give your business a real advantage. Whether you need to connect a team that’s located around the world, or you want to add some pizzazz to your retail store, the latest AV equipment, deployed by skilled and experienced AV experts, will aid your business in reaching the next level.

Let’s take a look at common types of audio visual equipment and what they can do for your business.

Communication systems

Audio visual systems have revolutionised business communication. With more and more teams working remotely, and ever-increasing demands on our time, it’s often no longer practical to get everyone together for a traditional on-site meeting. Audio visual communication systems mean that clients and staff can interact effectively even if they need to be elsewhere physically.

Whether you’re a CEO who is looking for a simple system to make presentations to a remote team or prospective client, or you want a meeting room equipped with the tools to allow for informed decisions to be made quicker, there are a wealth of audio visual solutions available to enhance communications.

Over the years we’ve installed hundreds of communications systems that have helped our client’s businesses to operate more effectively. Typical AV communication systems that we install include:

Meeting Room AV

In today’s fast-paced business environments, meeting room AV can be a critical tool to aid forward-thinking organisations to operate more effectively. From Smart Board Technology that enables participants to get their ideas across, to large format displays so everyone can access key information, to meeting capture systems that make the minute taker redundant, meeting room AV helps progressive organisations have more productive meetings.

Meeting room AV solutions

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has taken ‘more traditional’ phone conferencing to the next level, by helping individuals in various locations with busy schedules to communicate together as if they were face-to-face in a single room.

With cloud-based video conferencing, employees and clients can fully take part in a meeting, even if they’re spread across the globe. Whether you need to make a business presentation to a client in a neighbouring county, or you are hosting a large-scale virtual conference with many participants spread across the world, cloud-based video conferencing is the integrated and scalable communication platform you need.

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Wireless Presentation Systems

Wireless presentation systems are a clever solution to the messy problem of connecting a plethora of varying devices to shared screens. Today’s systems make it easier for participants to connect and display their content on screens at the click of a button.

Wireless also means there are no unsightly cables strewn across the desk and you’ll have no problems with cables being damaged or going missing. From an installation point of view, wireless systems are also very easy to retrofit into an existing room as the cabling requirements are much simpler and typically required to cover shorter distances.

Wireless presentation AV

Today’s wireless presentation systems are also incredibly user-friendly. A key selling point is that they are literally ‘plug and go’. The days of presenters frantically trying to get the projector to display their presentation slides, in full view of an increasingly agitated and mildly embarrassed audience, have been superseded by the ‘plug and click’ operation of the current generation systems. Anxious calls to IT support to try to get participants disparate devices connected are also a frustration of the past with modern systems.

From installation to the presentation, a wireless presentation system installed by MVS provides effortless presentations. With today’s quick, easy and collaborative systems, the focus can be on the content of the presentation rather than the technology.

MVS are wireless presentation system experts. Top brands that we match to our client’s individual requirements include:

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Retail Audio Visual

The potential uses of audio visual on shop floors and in other retail environments is huge. Retail AV systems essentially function as sales tools, that can instantly introduce new products, push promotions, supplement floor merchandising and ultimately boost sales.

In addition to functioning as a sales tool, audio visual can also enhance the retail environment. Audio visual in retail can improve the customer experience and make stores more visually appealing and easier to navigate. Enhancing the ambient atmosphere in a store can also subtly boost customer happiness which can lead to increased sales and improved customer retention.

Effective retail AV systems can also be used in well-planned campaigns to ‘cut through the noise’ and engage with customers who have so much content and messages vying for their attention.

Research shows that shoppers are drawn to videos online; retail AV can provide a similar ‘video-rich experience’ to the in-store shopper:

According to an Insights By Google survey from March 2016, almost 50% of online users look for videos related to a product before they even visit a store to buy it. With instore audio visual, the power of video marketing is harnessed on-location, where the product can be found, touched and purchased within a few steps.

At MVS, we have worked with a number of big retail outlets. Typical retail AV installations that we install include:

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Audio systems in leisure, hospitality, schools and more

Today’s customers expect high-quality audio. Whether you are a retail store, bar, pub, restaurant or school, a background audio system or public address system should provide high-quality sound, with adequate sound coverage to reach the whole environment at the appropriate volume.

An expertly designed background music system can transform the atmosphere in a commercial environment, whether you are looking to make diners feel relaxed in your restaurant or you want to make shoppers feel welcome in your department store.

MVS is one of the UK’s leading installers of background music systems and public announcement systems. For many years, our audio experts have installed bespoke audio systems in national retailers, popular hospitality chains and independents alike. We work with leading audio brands including Bose Pro, Yamaha and Cloud Electronics, to design the ideal audio solution for your environment. Get in contact to arrange an initial consultation by calling our team on 0203 4111 630.

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