Upgrade your Crestron video conferencing to support Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms

Upgrade your Crestron video conferencing to support Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms

Achieving the ideal meeting room AV solution for your business can seem like an impossible task. Whichever hardware you choose to opt for, it needs to be able to work seamlessly with the video conferencing platform of your choice, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. You may find that the video conferencing solution that once worked for you now needs updating to keep up with the demands of your business.

Completely replacing your meeting room AV setup in order to meet these demands can be costly. This is why we’re delighted to be able to announce that owners of Crestron Mercury and Crestron TSW Touch Panels can now choose to upgrade their existing meeting room AV system into a Crestron Flex system that fully supports Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms.

Crestron for Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business

The Crestron Video Conferencing Upgrade Kit (UC-BRKT-100-ASSY) provides you with a UC engine pre-loaded with Microsoft Teams, and also supports Skype for Business. This solution ensures that your meetings run smoothly, and that your video conferencing is faultless.

The UC engine also converts your Crestron Mercury or Crestron TSW Touch Panel into a simple to use interface, that supports ‘one touch to join’ of scheduled meetings. As standard, this upgrade kit will support HDMI content sharing, as well as dual screen video conferencing. This provides you with a complete meeting room AV solution that ensures that your meetings and conferences go as effectively as possible.

Learn more about Microsoft Teams systems or Skype for Business room systems.

Crestron for Zoom Rooms

If utilising Zoom Rooms is your conferencing solution of choice, we can offer Crestron video conferencing upgrades using our pre configured Zoom Rooms Intel NUCs. This option supports HDMI content sharing, triple screen video conferencing as well as all other Zoom Rooms functionalities.

You can learn more about the features of Zoom Rooms here>>.

Which Crestron models are supported?

A variety of Crestron models are supported, including:


If you can’t see the model type that you’re looking for, speak to a member of our team to discuss a different solution that could work for you. You can call us on 0203 4111 630 or 01202 861696.

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If you’ve decided that now is the time to upgrade your meeting room AV to support Microsoft Teams or Zoom Room, please get in contact with our friendly team on 0203 4111 630 or 01202 861696, or fill in the form here to discuss your project further. We can also offer a free onsite demo of either of the kits, including the Crestron Flex, just ask.

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