Video Wall - Caviar House & Prunier - London Heathrow T5
London Heathrow

Caviar House & Prunier

Video Wall Caviar House & Prunier – London Heathrow T5

Video Wall - Caviar House & Prunier - London Heathrow T5

MVS Audio Visual installed a bespoke 7×2 4K-enabled video wall into the middle of Heathrow T5 for Caviar House & Prunier.

MVS Audio Visual was approached by P&A Shop-fitting (the end client’s preferred shop-fitter) to design and build a bespoke video wall solution for its Heathrow T5 seafood Bar. Having worked with P&A Shop-fitting on a number of installs in the past, the shop-fitter placed its trust once again in MVS for this bespoke project.

The shop-fitter approached a number of AV integrators (including some of the largest organisations) and MVS came out on top which is a big win for MVS,” Alistair Maher, business development manager.

01. The Challenge

The client wanted a bespoke video wall for its flagship Heathrow seafood bar, however at first the client had no understanding of content, resolutions or aspect ratios, only a simple idea of a large video wall screen initially in a 4×3 configuration.

Alistair Maher, business development manager commented

    “They worked with us to help design different layouts, placing the screens in portrait, and once the final designs of the shop-fit were approved by Heathrow we knew the dimensions we had to work with and designed the 7×2 format video wall,” Alistair reflects. “The client was excited!”

02. The Solution

PA Shop-fitting was entirely responsible for the shop-fit and framework for the video wall, meaning MVS could concentrate on the install of the brackets, screens, distribution and content. MVS provided the specs of the equipment and P&A Shop-fitting designed a structural housing to accommodate the 7×2 video wall, which measured approximately 6.5m high in the air to the highest screen.

The equipment

LG Screens with a bezel width of 3.5mm in 55″ super-narrow bezel display were installed, creating a video wall that was easily installed, in addition to being easy to maintain and manage. “One of the most narrow bezels at this price point was a key factor for the client on this project,” says Alistair.

Datapath’s dL8 was also selected for this project; an eight output distribution amplifier for high resolution dual-link DVI signals. It has a fully programmable EDID to graphics source, allowing simple control of resolution and frame rate. Through active equalisation and re-clocking hardware it supports source cable lengths up to 20m at full Dual-Link resolutions.

The Datapath dL8 supports up to 32 screen display walls when used in conjunction with up to eight Datapath x4 display wall controllers. The Datapath x4 is a stand-alone display wall controller that accepts a standard single or dual-link DVI-D input and can flexibly display this across for DVI-I outputs.

This was a very cost effective solution to achieve a professional and exemplary result,” he notes. “Once we knew the framework was sorted it allowed us to build the video wall offsite in our warehouse and test different content and settings for the Datapath controllers,” Alistair explains.

We used a DL8 and four X4 units for the management of the content to retain the resolution on this video wall. Once we were happy with the reproduction of 4K content, we then repackaged and shipped the wall to site. When working in airports, the regulations and checks needed on goods coming into the airport are stringent and this process took a week, so the preparation we put in was key. Once our equipment had passed through the checks, our install team had to abide by similar checks and induction tests for airside access.

03. The Results

After this, Alistair insists that the installation was easy, “albeit being 6m in the air, hanging 23kg screens and aligning them correctly and calibrating all screens!

Works was completed during the night while the airport was quiet and was up and running within two days.

4K content being displayed over the 7×2 format video wall was a unique challenge,” Alistair admits. “4K content resolution is 4096 x 2160 and the resolution of the combined screens was 3840 x 7560, therefore we needed the assistance of Datapath to confirm what resolution the content needed to be produced in and what processing power we required to manage the content on the screens.  Once this was identified we knew there would be a lot of offsite testing to iron out any issues that may occur.”

The client was thrilled with the result, commenting; “The flexibility of the Datapath products allowed a non-standard high-resolution input to be used. The unique aspect ratio was also catered for with Datapath’s industry leading scaling engine making the finished project look truly stunning. The simple and intuitive setup software made Datapath the obvious choice for this creative video wall.”

For more information head to:×2-format-video-wall/

04. Key Equipment

Principal items of hardware used to make this project a sucess included:

05. Client Feedback

I love the location of the installation. It’s a high profile position with a high impact end result which can be seen from a distance within the Heathrow T5 departures lounge. This is a prestigious client and MVS were preferred over our competition, which is a massive result for the team.

Alistair Maher, business development manager

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