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AV fit for a “hybrid world”

Lee & Thompson is one of the UK’s leading law firms for the media, technology and creative industries with an international client base working across all creative sectors.

Their previous office was dated and comprised four floors and segregated office space. As their lease expired, Lee & Thompson saw the opportunity to change and build an office space more suited to the way in which they work and interact with their clients. They wanted an office environment that was open and fostered better collaboration. An office that reflected the creative nature of their clients but also suited the unique requirements of a law firm.

The space required excellent video conferencing facilities, so it could accommodate hybrid working and reduce the amount of travel, increasing work-life balance, reducing costs and contribute towards environmentally-friendly working practices. The video conferencing facilities also allow them to host webinars and training sessions internationally, connecting clients and contacts.

The new office, with its “Members Club” feel, delivers the client vision and has revolutionised the way they work.

Why MVS was brought in

Lee & Thompson uses Microsoft Teams as their core collaboration platform, but they also wanted Zoom Rooms to accommodate external meetings with their creative clients.

The brief was exciting with a large, divisible boardroom, two small Teams Rooms and a versatile Town Hall area. Just the sort of challenge that we love.

The solution we delivered

Divisible boardroom

This amazing, flexible space has many uses, including board meetings, client meetings, presentations and seminars. Typically all involve remote participants as well as those physically present. Whilst Zoom is heavily used in the creative industries, Lee & Thompson primarily uses Microsoft Teams. So we provided a solution for both. When divided the room comprises separate 12-person Zoom Room and Teams Rooms. When opened up, it can be set up to face the Zoom or Teams end as required.

It sounds like an obvious solution, but it presents technical challenges which excites our team.

A ceiling-mounted sensor detects the room opening up. When Zoom or Teams meetings start, speakers and microphones in both parts of the room connect to provide a seamless experience.

Both rooms have 75” LG professional displays, Shure MXA710 ceiling microphones, Bose pendant ceiling speakers and wide-angle Huddly HD cameras installed. The Zoom Room has a Crestron Flex Zoom Integrator kit and The Teams Room a Yealink MVC 400.

3 x Teams meeting rooms

Lee & Thompson’s hybrid working practices mean that internal meetings invariably involve both office and remote participants, so the small Teams Meeting Rooms are vital to productivity and we needed to ensure that users can simply and quickly start meetings.

From day one these rooms have been in high demand.

In each room we installed an LG professional display. In one room a Crestron Flex Teams Kit was installed and in the additional two rooms Yealink MVC400 Microsoft Teams Room Systems.

Town Hall area

The town hall area is an amazingly flexible space. It is regularly used as a space for staff to relax and eat lunch. But it is also used for parties and events, both social and formal, and for town hall meetings. Adjacent to the divisible boardroom, this area can be extended further by opening up the side walls of the boardroom.

Appropriate AV is therefore essential to maximise the value of this space. When the divisible wall is removed between the two boardrooms and town hall space, the AV systems can be combined, allowing a repeated image of the Zoom of Teams meeting to the Town Hall display, as well as routing of the audio to the Town Hall pendant speakers.

For this large space we installed an 86” LG Commercial display, QSC pendant ceiling speakers and two subwoofers to extend audio range and increase volume. Hand-held wireless microphones are enabled for use with audio conferencing apps if required. A SONOS Port is installed in the central AV rack, sitting on the client network, allowing users to connect to the device using the SONOS App for music playback.

Ultimately the only thing that stops the client utilizing this space is their imagination!

What can Lee & Thompson do now

The office move was a key part of a change in working practices and culture for Lee & Thompson. The space has been beautifully designed to facilitate better productivity and AV plays a huge part in the change.

Working with remote colleagues and clients all over the globe is now much easier and we’re delighted to have played our part working together with The IT Team at Lee and Thompson.

Quote: – On a post installation site visit and referencing the Microsoft Teams Rooms, Head of IT, Rob Hilton said “10/10. They just work!”

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