How can digital signage benefit your business?

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a an engaging method of displaying information to customers or staff via the use of a digital display.

A simple and affordable way to finally do away with outdated signage, promotional materials and large printed materials.

Easier to update

With more and more businesses choosing digital signage; the required technology, software and supporting processes are being greatly improved.

This is great news, because with the appropriate system installed correctly, owners can connect from anywhere in the world via the internet to their digital signage screens where they can easily amend and update content.

We recently finished a project was for luxury Italian tile company Marazzi, their head office is based in Italy, so they needed a solution which would allow them to manage the content from around the world. Having digital signage installed in their London showroom means it’s now simple for them to upload new content for special events and the launch of new products, which is all hosted in the cloud.

Cheaper to run

Say goodbye to expensive point of sale materials, internal signage and large scale printed posters. After the initial cost to set up your screens and licenses, additional costs are minimal, giving you much more for your money! The ROI is very easily calculated and you will see the return quicker than you might think!

Eye catching

Design is extremely important when it comes to marketing your company or business. You will always have competitors, so it’s important that you grab your potential customers attention immediately. An eye catching screen with digital signage can show your customers the information you want them to know, in a way you want to display it!

Instant marketing messages

In a competitive world reacting quickly can provide a competitive advantage. Therefore if the weather changes and you need to promote blankets instead of BBQ’s, it’s as easy as a few clicks of the mouse.

Which businesses will benefit?

Almost every business in some way or another would benefit from digital signage. Even if you’re not customer facing, digital signage can really help to encourage staff, common examples include displaying educational information, motivational messages, latest sales figures or competition results.

The work we did for London real estate agent company, Morgan Randall has given them a solution which complements their state-of-the-art website, professional property photography and trendy offices. We installed over 60 display screens including both single screens and video walls, showing marketing content, showcasing houses for sale and also benefiting the staff by showing sales figures and call stats.

How can MVS help with digital signage UK?

We have worked with many companies throughout the UK to provide them with a bespoke digital signage solution and licenses for their business. You can view more of our case studies here to see how we provided them with a dynamic and attention grabbing solution.

If you are interested in indoor digital signage, then please email or call us on 0203 4111 630 to speak to one of them team.

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