Transform your video conferencing experience with Zoom

Transform your video conferencing experience with ZoomTransform your video conferencing experience with Zoom

Zoom conferencing

Zoom is the ultimate one-size-fits-all solution for the conferencing needs of your business.

Being scalable, cost-effective and integrated, we can help you deploy Zoom to all of your team members, wherever they may be located.

Zoom enables you to have video conferencing in every room, not just the rooms you can afford to.

Read on to discover the benefits of using Zoom conferencing, or to learn more about our Zoom AV services including Zoom Rooms, Zoom hardware, Zoom licences and Zoom Room installations.

MVS Zoom Solutions

As Zoom Gold Certified Integration Partners, we are able to offer a variety of Zoom conferencing solutions to meet your needs.

Why choose Zoom conferencing?

HD Zoom conferencing

HD video & crisp audio

Zoom takes video conferencing to another level with high-quality video and audio. HD video delivers enhanced engagement and interactivity with built in dynamic voice detection.
Wireless zoom conferening

Wireless content sharing

Effective screen sharing for all participants, whether in the same room or remote. Stability of connection means no delays or downtime.
Zoom devices

Device and OS parity

With Zoom, you get the same features and functionality on all laptops, tablets and mobile devices, whichever operating system your devices run on.
Zoom conferencing deployment

Deploy easily

Zoom hardware options are wide ranging and cost-effective. Zoom provides a scalable solution without the price tag of other commercial video conferencing solutions.
Zoom one touch

One touch to join

Ease of use is integrated at every level in Zoom conferencing, with one-touch to start or join meetings.
Live events with zoom

Live events

Zoom conferences can be more like live events. Zoom can support 500 interactive participants and up to 10,000 view only attendees.
Zoom interoperability


Interoperability with legacy equipment such as Polycom, Cisco, and Lifesize can also reduce costs.
Zoom phone system

Zoom phone

A cloud based secure and reliable phone solution, natively built for Zoom conferencing with centralised management.

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Whether you’d like to learn more about Zoom or arrange a quote, our Zoom experts would be happy to help.

Zoom conferencing solutions

Why MVS?

  • 1

    Zoom Gold Integrators

    MVS were the first company globally to be awarded Zoom Gold Certified Integrator status.

  • 2

    Zoom Integrator of the Year

    In December 2020, we were delighted to win the Zoom Integrator of the Year award for our commitment to delivering outstanding Zoom installations.

  • 3

    Complete Zoom service

    We are highly experienced in offering all aspects of Zoom conferencing, from providing Zoom licences, to Zoom hardware and small and large scale Zoom Room installations.

  • 4

    Zoom Hardware as a Service

    As a more accessible, cost-effective solution, we can offer Zoom HaaS as part of a subscription service.

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Zoom conferencing solutions

There’s more to using Zoom than you might think! Learn more about the Zoom solutions that MVS can provide below.

Zoom Meetings & Chat

Meetings & Chat

Online meetings, training & technical support.

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Zoom video webinar

Video Webinar

Marketing events & town hall meetings.

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Zoom Conference Room

Conference Rooms

Build collaboration-enabled conference rooms.

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Zoom phone system

Phone System

The next generation enterprise phone system.

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Zoom home

Zoom Home

Supporting home working and education.

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