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Evoko are Swedish innovators dedicated to designing tools to manage workspaces.

Since 2010 and the introduction of the award-winning Evoko Room Manager, Evoko has continued to innovate.

Evoko Liso is their next generation room manager, Evoko Naso goes beyond room booking. And all their solutions come with that cool Scandinavian design.

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Evoko Liso

The perfect room manager

No more double bookings, confusion or interruptions. The green, amber and red light aura tells you at a glance if the room is vacant. Rooms can be booked from your calendar software or directly on the screen. There is even a mobile app, so you can book rooms on the move.

Open API integration with 3rd party systems means you can do things like turn the AC on 10 minutes before a meeting. RFID/NFC and PIN verification enables easy identification and access control.

The “check in” function frees up space when no one turns up. And web-base Evoko Home provides insights to help you optimise room usage.

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Evoko Naso

Room booking and beyond

Evoko Naso takes the room booking experience to a new level of simplicity, with packages allowing you to achieve complete workspace coordination.

Evoko Naso books the room, prevents double bookings and interruptions so you can focus on the meetings. It releases rooms booked but not being used. Using the touch screen, you can quickly locate a room for unscheduled meetings. You can report broken or missing equipment directly on screen. Icons even detail equipment availability in each room. And our analytics tool gives you valuable insight into room utilisation.

These benefits are standard, but for complete workspace coordination Evoko has three software packages of varying capabilities . Automatic check-in, catering requests, personalised visitor welome, hot desk booking and more.

Evoko Kleeo

Meet Kleeo desk manager

Kleeo desk manager is a complete and smart desk booking device with a personal touch. Its job is to signal to everyone which workspace is available, checked-in, or waiting for you. Bright and vivid colours indicates if a desk is available, checked-in, booked or signalling focus – please don’t disturb, this person wants to concentrate. A presence sensor automatically check you in when you sit down at your booked desk.

Kleeo desk manager can be placed on top of the desk or mounted to the front edge of the desk. Wifi connection and a cloud based system ensures smooth installation process.

Kleeo desk manager provides organisations with actionable insights into your workplace usage to help optimize resources, without impacting user privacy.