Features and benefits of boardroom AV meeting solutions

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In today’s fast paced commercial environment, easy access to key information and seamless communication are fundamental to enabling management and teams to operate more effectively. The ever-increasing demands on businesses to increase their output, whilst keeping time and travel costs down, is driving more organisations to invest in an effective boardroom AV solution.

Boardroom AV with MVS

A boardroom AV system can save money, facilitate communication, aid decision making and enhance relationships.

The latest boardroom AV systems are easier to use, offer more connection options, improve collaboration and increase productivity. In this article, leading AV integrators MVS Audio Visual have compiled a list of their favourite AV technologies for boardrooms and the key benefits they provide.

Common features and functions of boardroom AV systems

Video conferencing

Today, video conferencing is used in every industry in one form or another. If your company relies on regular communication between two (or more) members of staff, clients or suppliers, you are probably using a phone conference system. However, video conferencing provides a much-improved experience when compared to a traditional audio system. Visual communication enables a more personal interaction with your colleague or client, which allows for better situation management, decision making and enhanced working relationships.

Video conferencing also offers increased flexibility as project stakeholders don’t all need to be in the same physical location, saving valuable time and money. The flow and management of meetings is enhanced because participants can share content more easily and in an interactive manner far superior to traditional tools like slides and projectors.

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Take advantage of cloud conferencing with Starleaf

StarLeaf focus on delivering the most affordable, versatile and flexible video calling and video conferencing solutions to organisations. MVS regularly recommend and install boardroom AV solutions that include StarLeaf for video conferencing in the cloud because:

StarLeaf combines a video conferencing service with a comprehensive range of hardware and software managed from the cloud. The system delivers scheduled conferencing and a true on-demand, anyone-to-anyone solution that is easy to use.

If you can use a smartphone, you can use StarLeaf. They approached the video conferencing and collaboration market by starting with the user experience and a belief that if you can make a phone call then you should also be able to make a video call and therefore easily participate in a video conference.

StarfLeaf provides video calling and conferencing in an integrated system that offers one of the most powerful and cost-effective way to bring people together.

Whatever the industry or size of organisation, cloud based video conferencing is a great tool to install in your boardroom to improve communication, both for your internal and external meetings.

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Wireless presentations

Wireless presentation systems, such as Barco ClickShare, bring a number of benefits to boardrooms in which they are installed. The absence of wires means that meeting rooms no longer need to be a mess of endless wires; this helps to ensure that the room always looks tidy and professional, which is important if you’re aiming to impress a prospective client. Additionally, wireless systems can offer increased reliability as there is no risk of cables becoming damaged and not working.

Barco Clickshare
Easy wireless presentations with Barco Clickshare

The Barco ClickShare range of products allow the user to wirelessly transmit from their device onto a connected screen or projector. It is very simple to share what is displaying on your device to everyone in the room, with a simple click of a button on their user friendly mobile friendly app.

Ease of use is one of the key benefits of a Barco Clickshare wireless presentation system. The simplicity of using your devices, which are literally plug-in and go, is very easy and quick to set-up. With no software to install, anyone can use the system to share the display of their device.

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Zoom Rooms

Zoom room solutions provide simple and effective video, audio and web conferencing in any boardroom. Forget the cords, cables and dongles, Zoom rooms enable hassle-free meetings with colleagues and clients, wherever they are.

Zoom boardroom makes meetings and conferences quicker, easier and more productive.

You have full control over your Zoom boardroom using an iPad. With various options for webcams, including automatic pan and tilt, HD quality and facial recognition, a Zoom room can provide the most flexible audio visual system your boardroom can handle.

With built-in ceiling speakers and mics, fully integrated into the room’s fixtures and fittings, your Zoom boardroom will stay tidy and consummately professional.

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Why choose MVS for your boardroom audio visual system

As a UK leading audio-visual company delivering boardroom audio visual systems, trust MVS Audio Visual get the job done efficiently in the least disruption manner.

Meeting room AV solutions

MVS deliver complete boardroom AV solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs, from design consultancy through to maintenance.

Throughout the process, MVS always take the time to learn about your organisation and work closely with you to deliver a boardroom system that suits your budget and requirements. There are a wide selection of major meeting room AV brands MVS work with such as StarLeaf, Zoom, SY Electronics and Crestron.

MVS use their knowledge, experience and attention to detail to ensure that the boardroom AV system is fully integrated into the room. You won’t be tripping over wires or banging into bulky equipment with an MVS system;  with any wires neatly installed out of sight, cameras and screens fitted into walls or cabinets, and plug and cable points inset into walls. A boardroom with an integrated AV solution by MVS looks smart and works seamlessly for internal staff and external clients alike.

Since 1986, MVS have provided boardroom AV solutions throughout the UK. With each precise installation, clients can benefit from a large team of audio visual specialists, including highly skilled boardroom audio visual technicians, directly employed by MVS.

In addition to video conferencing, wireless presentation systems and zoom rooms, typical boardroom AV solutions MVS provide also include:

  • Smart Board Technology
  • Large format projection screens
  • Meeting room capture systems
  • IPTV
  • Video walls
  • Meeting room control systems
  • Digital signage
  • Boardroom booking systems

Meeting Room and Boardroom AV Case study

MVS worked with London fin-tech company Pageant Media to provide them with a seamless, easy to use meeting room and boardroom AV solution.

Pageant Media are a dynamic London based FinancialTech company offering financial products and services. Established in 1998, the company has over 200 employees working in offices around the world, so coordinated and efficient communications systems are integral to enabling them to do business.

MVS was chosen by Pageant Media to design and install AV solutions for 2 meeting rooms, a company presentation space and the CEO’s own office.

We worked closely and directly with Pageant Media’s own team to establish exactly what was required.


Key features of the AV solution provided by MVS includes:

Meeting rooms featuring fully integrated video conferencing and wireless presentation systems.

The first meeting room benefits from a large screen and integrated webcam for video conference calls, which are typically conducted via Skype for Business. The room also includes a hidden, built-in audio visual system with ceiling microphones and a wireless presentation system. All AV equipped within the room can be centrally controlled using an iPad.

The second meeting room features a large screen display, a Barco Clickshare wireless presentation system, a Phoenix audio conference phone and an SY Electronics wall controller for easy operation; no wires or remotes needed.

The CEO’s office features a simple but powerful wireless presentation system.

MVS installed a large screen with Barco Clickshare connected.

The company presentation area created by MVS provides a multi-purpose space where the team can also relax and enjoy ‘down time’, in addition to facilitating highly productive meetings when it’s time to get down to business.

Pageant Media boardroom av

In the company presentation area, MVS installed back-to-back large displays for presentations, with an integrated high-quality audio system. The screens are also capable of displaying live TV for major sporting events and other occasions, making them the ideal accompaniment to the large bar also installed in the room. The carefully planned AV equipment allows the space to be just as effective for business meetings as it is for social get togethers.

Pageant Media’s new meeting room AV solutions have resulted in faster, easier and more productive communications between staff and clients located across the world. Gone are inconvenient, confusing systems; today no time is wasted when setting up for a meeting.

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