What is the best wireless presentation system for businesses?

Wireless Presentation System for businesses

In the rapidly expanding technology industry, there is a never ending choice of devices and systems that claim they can help with daily life. In this instance, we are going to be analysing a selection of the best wireless presentation systems for businesses that are available on the market today: Barco Clickshare, Crestron Airmedia and wePresent.

Wireless presentation for businesses is important and relevant due to the rise of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace. With such a range of laptops, tablets and smartphones being used in meetings, it makes sense to have one integrated system that allows any of them to seamlessly share content from their device for other participants to see.

Wireless Presentation System

Benefits of installing a wireless presentation system

Having everything wireless means that there is no fuss or hassle of dealing with numerous cables, this makes meetings run more smoothly and will allow your business to save precious time and therefore money!

Your IT department will also be thankful that they don’t have to constantly come to the rescue of meetings that are struggling to get started. When fully set up, a wireless presentation system is easy to use by any member of the office.

We highly recommend the following three wireless presentation systems, hopefully this will help you decide which is best suited to your businesses needs.


Effortless meeting room assistance with Barco Clicksharebarco-320x240-12

Barco Clickshare supply a range of wireless presentation devices such as the CS-100, CSM-1, CSE-200 and CSC-1. They all serve the same purpose – allowing the user to wirelessly transmit content from their device to a connected screen or projector.

A USB Clickshare button or downloadable app is all that’s required to display to an entire room and being compatible with all major operating systems, most devices will be able to seamlessly deliver wireless presentations. The CS-100 is ideal for huddle spaces and small meeting rooms, whilst for bigger areas CSE-200 and CSC-1 enable network integration and allow for more users.

Our Barco Clickshare price starts from £799, to book a free demo, or to discuss your wireless presentation needs call 0203 4111 630 or click here.

High quality video display from wePresent


Being a professional wireless presentation system, wePresent allows collaboration from up to 64 users. Devices using wePresent including Windows/Mac computer, smartphone or tablet can be connected to any display via HDMI or VGA to create a full 1080p resolution image.

wePresent is frequently chosen in the education and corporate industries and the entry level WiPG-1000 is perfect for classrooms as well as smaller meeting rooms. The more advanced WiPG-1500 and high end WiPG-2000 both offer full enterprise-level encryption and offer a built-in wireless access point which is useful for any participants in the room. The WiPG-2000 is the ultimate option if you want to present high quality video.

The wePresent remote presentation devices we supply and install start from £299. Talk to us about wePresent, and how it could improve your presentations today. You can speak to a member of our friendly team on 0203 4111 630 or by clicking here.

Choose Crestron Airmedia for instant presentationcrestron-air-media-320x240-12

Crestron Airmedia allows for up to 32 people to connect at the same time and up to 4 can display content simultaneously using the Quad View function. Powerpoints, documents, PDFs and photos can be shared in any meeting space that uses Crestron Airmedia from any personal device.

Connect your display to Airmedia HDMI output, connect Airmedia to building’s LAN, download the free app or connect using the web browser and present.

Any approved Airmedia device can connect and view, saving time and effort. In large meeting spaces, Remote View means that the presentation can be viewed from a web browser for those that cannot easily see the display. For complete system integration, Airmedia can be used with DigitalMedia, the HD video distribution from Crestron.

Crestron Airmedia devices start from £1499

Which presentation system should I choose?

After that brief overview of our 3 chosen wireless presentation systems, it should be a bit clearer which brand or model will be best suited to your requirements. Barco Clickshare and Crestron Airmedia both have advanced models for more expansive meeting rooms, whilst the WiPG-2000 from wePresent essentially acts as a high-end rack-mounted audio visual solution, minus the hassle of integrating numerous systems.

We can carry out free on site demonstrations and if you require any further information or would like some professional advice about selecting a wireless presentation system, please contact our team of audio visual experts on 0203 4111 630.

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