What Is AV Integration And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

What Is AV Integration And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

AV integration is currently somewhat of a buzz word in commercial space design and facilities management. But what exactly is AV integration? Moreover, why should you be thinking about it?

In this article, we put AV integration in the spotlight. We explain what AV integration is and the key advantages that a correctly installed audio visual solution can provide. In today’s fast-paced and competitive commercial environments the question is no longer ‘do I really need AV technology?’ but ‘which AV technologies do I really need?’. Read on for guidance that could help you to answer this mission-critical question.

From the shop floor to the boardroom, audio visual systems are a standard fixture in today’s retail, leisure and business environments. Whether you are seeking more effective ways for your teams to communicate, or you want to place marketing messages in front of your customers, cutting-edge audio visual technologies and skillful AV design can give your business a competitive edge.

The team at MVS Audio Visual have been installing and integrating the latest audio visual technologies for over 25 years. Talk with us to discover what audio visual equipment is best for your business and it’s unique needs.

What does AV Integration mean?

The term ‘AV integration’ is commonly used by audio visual organisations, including the team here at MVS, to describe the work they do. It’s a standard industry term, which we are now increasingly hearing customers using to describe their projects, but what does it actually mean?

It’s in focusing on the ‘integrating’ element of the term that the meaning becomes clear. AV integration is all about applying audio visual technology to meet the particular needs of a business.

A key question that is always amongst the first items we discuss with new clients is, ‘what problems are we trying to solve within this space?’ You may simply be looking to effectively display a powerpoint presentation to a small group in a huddle room. Or perhaps it’s the provision of video conferencing in a big open space where large screen displays, multiple cameras, microphones and a crystal clear audio system are all required.

When a more complex audio visual system is in the pipeline, it’s time to think about integration.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one single AV manufacturer that makes all of the various technologies and equipment needed to build-up a more complex audio visual system. If there was, our job as AV installers could be as simple as installing and connecting all of the devices together. Since a variety of manufacturers are normally used to provide the tech that goes into most AV systems today, there are a few fundamental challenges that successful AV integration solves:

The two key challenges successful AV integration overcomes are –

  1. Getting different technologies to work together seamlessly
  2. Enabling easy control of all of the devices from a single user-friendly interface

Which audio visual technologies should you consider integrating into your new system?

Of course, every organisation has its individual requirements. However, the following pieces of audio visual equipment should be on your audio visual shopping list when it’s time to configure your new AV system:

  • Video conferencing systems – video conferencing is becoming a daily standard in today’s corporate environment, and almost as commonplace as making a phone call. We work with the full range of leading commercial grade video conferencing systems including Microsoft Teams / Skype For Business conferencing and Zoom.
  • Meeting room solutions – fully integrated meeting room audio visual solutions can help your business thrive. MVS install leading brands such as Zoom, StarLeaf and many more.
  • Meeting room booking system displays – enable organisations to make the most of their meeting spaces. MVS install cutting-edge solutions including Evoko Liso, Condeco room booking, Crestron room booking panels and many more.
  • Wall boards – from retail displays to digital menu boards, to outdoor signage, MVS provide the latest wall boards that can get your messages across.
  • Digital signage – bespoke digital signage allows you to promote what you want, when you want.
  • Wireless presentation systems – no more cables or frustratingly fiddly adapters, just connect and present.
  • Large screen presentation areas – spacious areas to collaborate or present to staff.
  • Zoned background music systems – nothing less than superior quality zoned music systems and wireless microphones to enhance the customer’s experience.
  • White noise audio systems – ideal in large, open plan areas where noise travels.
  • Video walls – we design, install and service video walls of all sizes, that grab and hold attention.

Key benefits of AV integration

Let’s take a look at what a skilfully integrated audio visual system could do for your business.

Better communications and collaboration

We don’t think that it’s an exaggeration to claim that audio visual systems have revolutionised the way that business communications takes place. More teams are working remotely than ever before. An increasing number of video calls are being made to take advantage of adding visual communication to the traditional audio experience of phone calls. Whether you are working on a project with your team using meeting room AV, or are holding a conference call with management using Zoom Rooms, there are a huge range of audio visual solutions to enhance communication and collaboration.

More productive meetings

Meeting room audio visual is helping progressive organisations to conduct more productive meetings. Our skilled AV designers deliver advanced corporate meeting room solutions. With built-in cameras, microphones and speakers, you really look the business when pitching to clients in a fully integrated meeting room. Smart board technology makes it easier than ever to communicate ideas amongst the team. Large format displays and shared virtual desktops mean that nobody misses the key information, whether they’re present in the room or on the other side of the globe.

Discover market-leading meeting room AV systems installed by MVS >>

More efficient meeting set up

The latest wireless presentation systems make it incredibly easy to set up, connect and display presentation at the click of a button. Wireless means that unsightly cables and trip hazards are a problem of the past. From an integration viewpoint, wireless presentation systems are also easy to retrofit into existing rooms.

Wireless presentation systems that designed and installed by MVS are effortless to use and can really help to make each meeting a success.

We are one of the UK’s leading providers of wireless presentation systems, supplying a wide range of leading brands including:

Discover cutting-edge wireless presentation systems installed by MVS >>

Retail AV, POS and promotion displays get tills ringing

Retail audio visual offers a wide range of applications on shop floors and retail environments. Audio visual systems in retail are essentially powerful sales tools. From push promotions to merchandising displays, new product announcements to product video trailers, the options are limited only by our imaginations.

MVS have worked with some of the UK’s biggest retailers to enhance their in-store retail experience. From background music systems to improve shop floor ambience, to digital signage that encourages shoppers to take a preferred route around a store, to interactive informative displays which answer shoppers questions to keep them calm and in the mood to spend, audio visual installations enhance today’s retail stores.

Typical retail AV installations that MVS integrate into retail environments include:

Video displays that grab and hold the attention of an audience

In an attention driven economy, the sheer scale of bespoke video walls can help you to stand out from the crowd.

MVS are amongst the leading providers of video wall solutions in the UK. We can build a video wall in viturally any size or shape, portrait or landscape. With multiple HD screens working in tandem, it’s necessary to install the appropriate processor to ensure that the display is seamless and crystal clear. With many years of working with video walls, from the very early days of the technology, the expert engineers at MVS know everything there is to know about the best processors to use for particular video wall setups.

Discover tailor-made video wall installations by MVS >>

Are you interested in learning more about the many benefits of expert AV integration and how AV can help your business to get ahead of the competition? We can help with audio visual integration in your office, shop or premises! Speak to an AV expert at MVS, to learn more about the ideal technologies and tools to meet your unique requirements.

Why choose MVS as your AV integrators?

MVS are one of the leading UK specialists for audio visual installations, AV system integrations and AV solutions. With offices in London and Dorset, and engineers across the UK, MVS are conveniently positioned to serve clients, with single sites or multiple locations, up and down the country.

Every audio visual installation that MVS undertakes is carried out by a team of fully trained engineers, backed by our expert audio visual designers.

With the MVS team working on your audio visual integration, you can rest assured that the job will be done on time and in budget.

In addition to providing AV integration services, MVS also have the staff to work on all aspects of audio visual solutions, from AV systems design and installation to AV maintenance, project management and training.

Contact our helpdesk today on 0203 4111 630 to find out more about audio visual integrations that can benefit your business, or with any other AV questions you have.

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