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Whether you’re looking to equip your staff with the facilities they need to effectively collaborate in today’s workplace, or you are looking to make headlines with impactful digital signage, corporate AV can be a powerful tool for your organisation.

Corporate Audio Visual Technology Trends

At MVS Audio Visual, we are always working to stay at the forefront of the latest audio visual technologies to help ensure our clients can gain a competitive advantage.

Eighty-four percent of U.K. retailers believe digital signage creates significant brand awareness. 

In this article, we shine a light on some of the latest corporate audio visual technologies. Read on to learn about creative AV solutions that businesses can harness, whether you’re looking to engage with your customer on the front-line or increase the productivity of your back office teams.

OLED Dual View Screens in Digital Signage

MVS have been utilising the latest dual view OLED screens to produce cutting-edge digital signage solutions for a while now. Widely regarded as the next step in smart TV’s, the Ultra HD dual view screens are ideally suited to producing a wide range of impactful digital signage displays.

Dual view screens are two-way and can either mirror content on both sides or display different content on each side, thanks to their ability to accept separate sources. The display can be switched by simply pressing a button on a remote. In addition to being attention-grabbing, two-way screens can save space because they can be used to reduce the number of screens required.

Digital signage displays created using OLED technology are ideal for hotels, stores, airports, public spaces, or any environment where multiple display screens are required to broadcast messages or information. This is because state of the art dual screens are highly versatile, aesthetically appealing and offer a two-way media experience, which positively enhances any environment they’re installed in.

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4K Ultra HD Video Walls

Clients that expect quality and ultra-sharp digital displays should seek out 4K Ultra High Definition video because it is approximately four times the resolution of 1080p, the typical resolution of most home TV’s and PC monitors.

4K is particularly powerful when it’s used for large format video displays.

As a trusted provider of video walls for leading businesses, with clients including Heathrow Airport, Barclays Bank and Morgan Randall Estate Agents, MVS Audio Visual have been using 4K displays to produce eye-catching video walls since the technology first became available in the AV market.

Morgan Randall

With today’s improved display technologies, video walls can now display attention-grabbing content in ultra-sharp 4K resolution, which can be produced efficiently using simple, user-friendly software.

MVS Audio Visual have installed video walls for various companies, such as nationwide supermarket chains Asda and Tescos, department stores like John Lewis, and what we are confident is the best estate agent video wall in the UK in leading London estate agents Morgan Randall, amongst many other businesses. 

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‘More Wireless’ Audio Visual Systems mean Less Wires

Wireless transmissions of audio and visual signals have brought an end to the dreaded tangled mess of wires which have hampered boardrooms, meeting spaces, offices and shop floors for decades. Less wires means a tidier space, easier connectivity and improved reliability.

The trend towards wireless systems continues to gather pace and MVS are one of the UK’s leading installers of wireless presentation systems, video conferencing systems and meeting room AV.

The appropriate wireless meeting systems, when installed correctly, make it easier for participants to display their content on the screens in the room at the click of a button. In addition to incredible ease of use, unsightly cables are removed and lost time dealing with damaged or missing cables is an issue of the past.

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Deliver exceptional performance with ceiling and wall mounted microphones

We have been utilising ceiling and wall mounted microphones for many clients in the recent years. They allow you to declutter your meeting room or conference space and deliver exceptional performance for video conferences.

We choose to install these discreet microphones in many offices and regularly use technology from Shure and Biamp. With highly intelligent voice pick up, these microphones can be used in many offices both large and small.

Why choose MVS for your corporate AV

MVS Audio Visual can transform any space, large or small. For over 25 years, MVS have delivered scalable corporate AV solutions to fit a wide range of budgets and needs. The audio visual experts at MVS use their experience and expertise to design, equip and install audio visual systems that are impactful, engaging and attention-holding.

Our experts understand every corporate environment, objective and budget is unique and requires its own bespoke AV solution.

To help businesses achieve the best results within their budget, the MVS team are more than happy to provide free on-site surveys and guidance. To get started, please contact our expert AV design team today.

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