3 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade Your Zoom License

With so many more people resorting to the use of video conferencing technology due to the Global COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has seen its user base grow from 50 million daily users to in excess of 300 million!

And it’s easy to see why. In just a few clicks you can access a free Zoom account offering unlimited video calling between 2 participants, and up to 40-minute calls for meetings with three or more people. Zoom has quickly become an everyday essential business tool whilst so many of us are working from home.

Not only has Zoom changed the way we do business, but it’s also allowed us to stay in contact with our loved ones and even participate in the occasional pub quiz!

So, with all of these great features built into Zoom, free of charge, why would you pay for a Pro License?

Here are 3 reasons why MVS Audio Visual would recommend you move your staff onto a Pro Zoom License: –

1.Unlock the 40-minute group meeting restriction

Let’s face it, meetings generally take more than 40 minutes. On average you can be in meeting for at least an hour, and most often overrun. It’s a lot easier to conduct a proper focussed meeting without that added time pressure. It also avoids the need to re-share invites for a new meeting.

2. Manage your users

As an IT Manager responsible for how your staff are communicating, Zoom Pro allows you to manage your users centrally. By managing users centrally, you can also control the level of security you would like attached to video meetings throughout your organisation, as well as a number of other admin controls.

Zoom licence

3. Additional features

With Zoom Pro you have the option to add more amazing features including:

  • Zoom Rooms
  • Cloud Recording of Meetings
  • Record your own Webinars
  • Tool free audio dial In
Zoom room licence

It’s also worth noting that you do not have to put all your staff on a Pro License. You can mix and match both Basic & Pro Zoom Licenses, depending on your team’s needs.

  • Zoom Pro is designed for businesses with up to 10 users.
  • Zoom Business is aimed at businesses with 10 or more users.

For more information on the advantages of Zoom Business over Zoom Pro please contact us.

If you wish to upgrade to Zoom Pro – MVS Audio Visual are currently offering discounted rates for businesses currently using the basic free license – fill in the form below to access our latest discounted rates.

We also offer a free of charge consultation on your Zoom license requirement, as well as advice on Zoom Rooms for your meeting rooms.

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